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Ankhon Hi Ankhon Main Ishara Ho Gaya

Khushi The Soul of My Hijra Poetry

If The Hijra Is Not Human Than God Does Not Exist

Somtimes Photography Is Showing You The Inner Picture of Humanity

The Hijra Goddess and The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

A Sufi Poet Dreams

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in the karmic
of our
i am what
i am
she is
not what
she seems
a hijra
a beggar
poet team
angst passion
as it flows into
an ocean of a
photo stream
hijras are human
it screams

alif lam mim
the curse
of the people
bringing down
when sitting
on their
creaking thrones
whabbi warlords
the word of god
baki bahut kuch
honor sacrifice
a pledge to
not just poets
even angels
held captive
to time also
in a cemetery
a languishing
of pain
a poetic curve
the soul of
light at
the end of a tunnel
a spiritual beam
as it burns
boils steams
the only

Searching For A True Soulmate in Hijraland

And My Hijra Story Continues at

Jackie Dada at Pablo Bartholomews Photo Exhibtion

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he has
nothing to do
with balwas
or raja he said
god had given him
food for thought
peace of mind
spiritually morally
he was well fed
his prayer
our father
give us our
daily bread
save us from
2g scam
radia tapes
the country bled
the common man
among the living dead
CBI hawks watch
pablos bartholmews
photo exhibition
with jackie dada
at sakshi gallery
without fear or dread
chronicles of a past life
father son
a single homestead
while libya grovels
for freedom through
megalomaniacs obsession
mercenaries bloodshed

Made In India.. Not For Export

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This Child Is Hypnotized By the Stuff Round My Neck

The Cosmic Rings Are My Signature Collection

Breaching a Curtain of Beads

Shooting Hijras and Beyond

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This ends one lot of pictures of Haji Malang Urus , there is still more of Khushi and finally my short time at Sultan Shah Baba and my climb down the Malangad Mountains has taken me over a week to upload all this and though my camera is not in the best of health I still managed to shoot as much as I could.

Basically I dont shoot pictures I shoot seconds minutes and hours ..I shoot slithering time as it touches my camera impulses , maybe I shoot the same thing but than I am the last person to be governed by photography fucked laws .. of line curves and alignment..

I dont photo shop my images I post them as they are bricks of my mind foundations of my poetic soul.

Khush was an inspiration and mind you I am barefeet , people trampling my toes and me protecting her from the villains to the best of my ability.

I hardly slept at Hji Malang even night turns to darkness but never sleeps.

I dont mix around and shoot what triggers my soul ... my pictures are poems I composed them on the soul of a memory card.

Good pictures bad pictures dont matter I shot reality and reality shoots me surrealistically is all I can say at this stage.

I am not greedy for pictures I know better pictures than these would have come by at the Hijra Sandal of Sultan Shah Baba patron Saint of some Hijra groups but I let it pass , I cooly walked down the mountains least bothered about my loss I had a 20 GB card in spare too, but I could not wait till midnight shoot the Sandal and come back to Mumbai the next morning I had to be at my work place as soon as possible..

Photography is a manic obsession that does not kindle the house kitchen nor does it supplement it either , shooting life is my high kick and nasha only but yes I can unhook myself when I want ..unlike alcohol that I was once victim of and gave it up for good since about 12 years.

The Untouchables of Society

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yet more
in body
mind and flesh
devoted to divinity
but caught
in a gender mesh
the hijras
their ethos
their pangs
their angst
i refresh
on the soul of
raw and oven fresh

Barefeet Blogger Blesses Nandini The Child Eunuch

Khushi Is The Poetic Passion of My Hijra Photography

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Over the years I have been shooting hijras I have tried to capture the restlessness of their androgynous soul, and I have met so many hijras you will be surprised that I hardly talk or inter act with them.

Nisha my hijra friend the surrogate hijra mother breast feeding her child was the only exception , I give her a lot of respect because whenever I meet her she will pamper me to death , that she calls me Firoze Bhai is understandable given the seniority of my age and status.

And than Khushi , I first met and shot her at Madh Island at Simran dancers birthday , she was plump and bursting out of her jeans but she is an agile dancer.

Later on I met her at Haji Malang and Ajmer Sharif through my hijra guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

And it was only this year that I spoke to her at length on my return from Haji Malang and invited her home to meet my family and my grand daughter .. so this is Khushi a reticent private person , hardly voluble or cacophonous like the rest of her hijra brethren.

Her chela Puja whom I call Kareena was not at the Urus this time.

I can go on shooting Khushi it is a fusion of her soul and the two spirited soul of my camera too.

Actually Khushi was not going to cme to the Urus as her mom was unwell and there was a niyaz at her house but her mother coaxed her to go.. and she came to Haji Malang ..

Her finery is her cultured background, that I call Adab Tehzeeb.

She is extremely polite soft spoken but you dont mess with her she is street smart too..and a survivor.

She has seen life ups and down and holds her head high , and this attitude one might consider as arrogance but she is too down to earth.

Her at the hijra sandal, it was not men ogling at her and I was protecting her , it was women and kids they were all over her touching her to make sure she was real..
I dont think they really cared if she was a hijra.. she was a woman caught in the throes of timelessness.

I have shot some of the prettiest hijras and the most ugly ones too but I shot them as human and never try to divest their soul from its dichotomy or from its origins as an Androgyne.

So I must confess Khushi stands out large as my Hijra muse., she has what other pretty hijras dont have she has class , humility and and a healing touch..

Even her smile heals , she might be sexy to others but to me she personifies ethereal womanhood.

She is affluent rich but poor at heart.. I saw her giving money to beggars discreetly and quietly ... her flamboyance her flighty strides when she walks reminds me of an angel in flight.

Falling in love with Khushi well a poet always loves his muse.. and this is the detachment of a realty kissing the feet of Imagination.

So I continue with my hijra uploads all shot because of my cosmic fate attached to the soul of the hijra.

I shot Raveena the Hijra seductress changing her clothes that I have hidden from public display but it was a seamless situation , without titillation , it was art for arts sake and sculpting the hijra soul with magic of spectral light.

Yes I shoot hijras not as a photographer I shoot the hijras a poem without words and that is why my hijras are different devoid of the lacuna you see in hijra pictures elsewhere...

I give respect to the hijra soul and thereby get respect from them and they can be Khushi or Laxmi my hijra guru or the poor beggar hijra at the Turner Road Traffic signal or the prostitute hijra at Peela house in the red light areas of Mumbai.

A Blog Is Time And Space Caught In A Compromising Position

Taking Refuge In The Third Eye of Shiva

Flushed From Her Heart Forever

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she shat me out for good

Photography Is The Art of Shooting The Unseen

22,573 Views on My Pictures Today at

JJ Vallaya And The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

Pablo Bartholomew A Very Long Journey

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Pablo is an old friend a reminder of the turmoils and the turbulence of my life caught in a vortex of confusion and alcoholic stupor, those days when our paths crossed, we never met after that and today when I got his invitation on Facebook I decided to reconnect with that chapter of my past, neither I nor Pablo knew that I too would be bound to the soul of a camera.

Pablo is a great photographer and his greatness lies in his humility photography is not just taking pictures but making you relive every moment that is a poetic journey of the photographers mind over the vast canvas of his passion angst pathos and the poetry and drama of his life painted in light.

Pablo is a master craftsman , a narrator who weaves the magic on your soul with what his minds eye caught for posterity.

In his words

Chronicles of a Past Life – Bombay

Intrinsic to my growing up, Bombay offered me and thousands of others like me who arrived before and those who followed as economic refugees the opportunity to be cradled and mentored professionally. It gave friendship, food and shelter and the chance to be discovered, the chance to become someone.
Having escaped bureaucratic Delhi, leaving behind my troubled teenage life, I found acceptance in this city not for whose son I was but for my skills and talents and of what use they could be to others. This propelled me to try to find myself both economically and in my work.

I look back with warmth and gratitude at what the city offered me. It was with a grudging reluctance that I left the city in the mid ’80s; the death of my father and trouble brewing in the north of the country beckoned me as I entered the world of journalism. Unfortunately, this marked the end of the documentary phase of my work as I started to work as a journalist and had to turn to colour, abandoning the world of black and white.

The “Chronicles” are connected to “Outside In: A Tale of 3 Cities,” my body of work that consisted of my inner world of friends and family. It roughly spans the same years—the ’70s and ’80s—but is more a manifestation of my outer world; my associations with the city and its people, known and unknown.

This exhibition is a way of paying my dues to this city and its people. Often I’d wander aimlessly through the streets in search of its many parts, bit by bit, day by day, month by month, always amazed by the infinite visual joy in each discovery of this place that came to be called home.

Pablo Bartholomew
New Delhi - 31 January 2011

Marziyas Father Shoots Us Both

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This was shot by Marziya Shakirs dad , as I took my grand daughter in my arms , actually I was wanting to fetch her from Dadar Railway station , but than I had an invitation from Pablo Bartholomew for his exhibition at 6.30pm at Sakshi Art Gallery Wodehouse Road and I knew I would not be able to reach Dadar anyway as the talk got over at 8pm, but I was meeting Pablo after almost 20 years , and I had to meet him anyway.

We share some unique rare memories and meeting him was a journey taking back into my past.

Marziya Shakir Returns Home After a Month

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This was shot by Marziya Shakirs dad , as I took my grand daughter in my arms , actually I was wanting to fetch her from Dadar Railway station , but than I had an invitation from Pablo Bartholomew for his exhibition at 6.30pm at Sakshi Art Gallery Wodehouse Road and I knew I would not be able to reach Dadar anyway as the talk got over at 8pm, but I was meeting Pablo after almost 20 years , and I had to meet him anyway.

We share some unique rare memories and meeting him was a journey me back into my past.

Marziya Shakir Shoots The Barefeet Blogger On The Nikon D 80

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Being superstitions I did not let anyone know that Marziya Shakir was away in Lucknow visiting her maternal grandparents , she returned this evening at 8 pm and I too returned a few minutes later having attended the photo exhibition and talk of Pablo Bartholomew ace photographer , the best among the best.

While I was leaving he told me merely taking pictures does not make you a photographer perhaps he is right but than a 3 year old child merely takes pictures and captures the poetry and drama of a 58 year old barefeet blogger of Mumbai.. that I am her grand father has nothing to do with her being the worlds youngest street photographer from Bandra.

Marziya was away for a month and it was hard on me but she learnt to shoot pictures blindfolded from the age of 2 so in a way the camera has given birth to a child...from the womb of its inner consciousness.

This is Marziyas first shot and she gave it back to me not before checking what she had shot on the Nikon D80 s monitor.

The Camera Gives Birth To Marziya Shakir

Khushi Hijra Goddess Supreme