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JUST Jaffri United Social Troop-Holistic Healers

These are young Shia boys who treat the Kama and Zanjir matamdars, with their First Aid kit and these young boys are the best in the field , they are unafraid lead from the front are on their feet during Moharam events and processions.

They are polite courteous and know their job and they too do the Kama matam at Kaiser Bagh and on the streets during Ashura and Chehlum.

I owe a lot to these gus , being a diabetic my bleeding does not stop and this year I have punished my body beyond its shelf life , I had cut my head severely at Chennai Ashura , and than at Bandra East wih a blunt dagger , and here at Kurla I cut my head badly and the JUST guys found me in a dark corner and immediately treated me, when I say treated I mean clean my wounds with rose water , no ointment no septic shots or antiseptic.

Also bear in mind I use the same dagger that others have used before me sometimes it is washed or sometimes we use it after one guy finishes ..

The wound heals in a day and drys out, but my recent wound from Bandra East would bleed even after some parts had healed.

This morning I wore the same bandage to work but on my return I washed my wound with rose water and Marziya my 3 year old grand daughter took the shots.

Marziya Shakir worlds youngest street photographer is crazy about kama and kamazani, she can hold the dagger and shows no sign of fear at all, but she wont do the kama matam, it is not part of her womanhood, but yes she will shoot it soon , she has shot the children s Zanjir matam at the Guru Nanak Park juloos evocatively and brilliantly.

Her favorite video on You Tube that she sees regularly is my Kama Matam in Chehlum shot last year by Habib Nassers troupe.

My kama zani is the choreography of a rapid stream hurling whirling in outer space I call it Tandav on the Soul of Shimr , a Hindu metaphor of my Hindu Shia angst..

I am proud to a be a Hindu Shia with my roots embedded in the soul of Humanity a land that Imam Hussain loved and wanted to visit .. for it has one thing the barbaric Arab states did not have Humility Hospitality Ikhlaq and Khoolos.

This is my personal poetic expression of pain..I speak for myself only..

We Shias follow one path but each one of us is the product of our surroundings my world in Mumbai borders a Christian Church a Hindu Temple and a Sufi Dargah..

Yes I am a product of my surroundings it has influenced my personal poetry of lifes drama .. as a Mumbaikar .

I document the story of the Shia pain called Ghame Hussain..

Mamdi Who Creates The Magic of Zuljana

Mamdi creates the aura around the hired horse that becomes zuljana the replica of the stallion of Imam Hussain.

Most of the juloos or public processions during Moharam have the Alams The Taboots and the Zuljana as part of the symbolism of Shiasm.

Shiasm uses poetry metaphors to reawaken the soul of humanity to the great tragedy of Karbala , the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain the grandson of the Holy Prophet who with 72 valiant soldiers fought the might of Yazid the Caliph of the Umayad Dynasyty.

Imam Hussain signifies good over evil, morality triumphing over tyranny , and a 1400 year history comes alive each Moharam, a thought that angers the Wahhabis and the right wingers that belittle the contribution of Imam Hussain to Islam.

Karbala and Damascus were the blackest chapters in the history of Islam , the sordidness the butchery and the barbarism perpetrated by one set of Muslims against another set of the Shias for two month eight days mourn for Imam Hussain and Ashura and Chehlum are the important events in the Shia calendar.

The last day of Mourning is Athvi and the following day known as 9 Rabilawal the Shias end their mourning and celebrate the Mother of all Eids called Eid e Zehra.

So this is is a brief synopsis , a pain the Shia call Ghame Hussain that as a Shia I document through pictures and some poetry.

And Mamdi does a fabulous job.. with horses that eventually look and behave like Zuljana.

I shot a poignant picture last night when the Zuljana was bought to the Kurla Imambada , he went on his own to the Taboot of Imam Hussain and began kissing the Alam.. call it what you may yes even animals hunger for Faith Goodness and Ahle Bayt.

The Birth of A Better Photographer Than Me

3 Year Old Marziya Shakir Has Shot The Pain In My Eyes

The Past Present Future of Our Indomitable Shia Race

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mohabat e ahle bayt
in the shia heart
giving eternal solace
hussain is humanity
worthy of praise
this is what the blood says
it flows down our face
hussainiyat always
truth justice equality
in the right place
islam is a large ocean
tears we embrace
our matam our azadari
our spiritual dignity
our blessings our grace
you do what you have
to do we give space
every land is karbala
every day is ashura
a noteworthy phrase

insan ko bedar hone do
har kaum pukaregi
hamare hain hussain
a foundation a message
our ancestry trace
moharam keeps it alive
from one generation to
the next a heritage
we cannot misplace

The Past Present Future of Our Indomitable Shia Race

True Love For Hussain

Documenting Shiasm at Kurla

Depicting Bibi Sakinas Tragedy and Pain

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The Healing Touch of the JUST Guys

The Healing Touch of the JUST Guys

The Healing Touch of the JUST Guys

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These are Guys From JUST Taking Care Of Me .. God Bless Them

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Hum Naya Sal Manate hain Tere Matam se

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Apni Taqdeer Jagate hain Tere Matam se
Khoon ki Rah Bichate hain Tere Matam se
Apne Izhare Aqidat ka Salika yeh hai
Hum Naya Sal Manate hain Tere Matam se

Pappu Bhai's Kurla Juloos 2011

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Pappu Bhai is a very dear friend who organizes this juloos at Kurla and this is a huge juloos with 17 Zuljanas taboots alams and ajumans from almost every corner of Mumbai.

Women children men throng to this awesome juloos , Pappu Bhai cut his head with two daggers simultaneously , and his son Zahoor cut his head too, children adults all took to the kama matam.

Before the head cutting was a majlis , Mamdi with his son and helpers had decorated the17 zuljanas, Munna Bhai from Imamwada came with his contingent of Bibi Sakinas little girls manacled to chains dressed in green..with candles and alams in their little hands.

However the most unusual was the rhythmic zanjir matam , hitting the backs and the chest by an Azamgarh Anjuman Jaffariya.

Because my camera was covered in blood it was tough shooting all this but I managed I was barefeet..

I am placing the 10 Safar Moghul masjid zanjir matam pictures on hold to post this poignant series of pain we call Ghame Hussain.

I am dedicating this series to my American friend mentor Dr Glenn Losack MD who shot this with me in 2008 , he could not make it this year .. so this is shot with his eyes too...

Dr Glenn Losack was missed by the Shias of Mumbai , who respect him for his kindness and the Moharam pictures that he exhibited in Manhattan New York.

Grandfather Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year

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I have just entered my house , face cleaned head bandaged , I had gone to shoot my dear friend Pappu Bhais Kurla Juloos 2011 , this is one juloos I try not to miss if I am in Mumbai , as this was the juloos I shot with my American friend mentor Dr Glenn Losack MD .. and the Shias cant forget this kindly American man , who shot our Shia angst, our pain that we call Ghame Hussain.

I saw the guys cutting their heads Kamazani this evening and with my camera round my neck I grabbed a long dagger leaping into the air I did Tandav on the Soul of Shimr my dance of Death..

My bleeding would not stop, but the JUST guys did a great job, cleaning it with rose water , and doing the needful..

I came home and Marziiya said Dada you have done Kama and shot this picture ,, Marziya is 3 year old the worlds youngest street photographer who shoots like a professional on the Nikon D 80..

This is my humble introduction to Pappu Bhais juloos with 17 Zujanas taboots alams ...and the Shias of Mumbai in the forefront.

We Keep The Black Page Of Islam Alive Through Ghame Hussain

The Blades of Wrath ...Yes We Bleed We Curse Yazeed

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