Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ramkrishna Mission Durga Puja 2012

I shot the Ram Krishna Mission Durgtsab Sant Cruz before I shot North BOmbay Durga Puja and the Dn Nagar Durga Puja .. and this is my last backlog of the Durgotsab series..I almost shot all this back to back and due to the rains a night before Durga Visarjan I could not shoot the Lokhanwala Durga Puja of Abhijeet Bhattacharya..

I shot all these three Durga pujas with my friend Sagar Bekal.

DN Nagar Durgotsav Andheri

The Turban is The Source of Our Humility

The Lion and Me

Mr Deb Mukerjee

The Shooters Are Everywhere ..

Getting Ready For The Dhunachi Dance At North Bomby Durga Puja


from wikipedia

Dhunachi is an Indian incense burner used for one of the stages during arati, or ritualized dance worship. It is often used following the arati with the pradip (a lamp with an odd number of wicks).
The dhunachi has a flared shape and is held by a stem with a large cavity at the top, and is traditionally made of earthenware. When made of brass or silver, it needs a longer handle because of the heat. It is lit by placing burning coal at the bottom, which ignites a layer of slow-burning coconut husk, on which incense (usually camphor) is sprinkled.
During the Durga puja in eastern India, it is common to have dhunuchi nritya, or a frenzied dance with the censer, to the accompaniment of feverish dhak rolls. Many puja traditions also organize contests for the best dance, where some performers may go with as many as three dhunuchis - the third one held between the teeth.

Kali Tera Vachan Na Jaye Khali

North Bombay Durga Puja Tulip Juhu

Actually my friend Sagar Bekal and me shot the Ram Krishna Mission Durga puja and than came to North Bombay Durgotsab Juhu , but I am posting these now , I am very close to Subir Mukerjee and Samrat Mukerjee .. this was one of the most beautiful Pandal and I am sure Durga Ma must be proud of it as the Mukerjees left no stone unturned , the new venue Tulip was spacious and a lot more roomier than the Balkan Ji BadI at Santacruz..

My 2 year old grand daughter now 5 Marziya Shakir shot the North Bombay Puja for two years this year she had health problems .. she loved shooting Subir Mukerjee because he was always giving her sweets.

I missed her too.. I shot the Dhanuch dance here .. Subirda and Samrat were not there as we had come a bit early.. from here we left to shoot the DN Nagar Durgotsab ..