Sunday, March 22, 2015

Amber And Turquoise Round My Neck.. All Decked Poetry Pecked

Kuda Mandad Caves Janjira Raigarh District

Linda and I left  for Alibagh from Gateway Jetty at about 10.30 am .We left Bandra by train for Churchgate ..and a cab to the Gateway of India .

We took the Mamladar Catamaran reached Mandwa from Mandw by bus to Alibagh , as my dear friend Jayant Dhulap who lives in Alibagh was out because of Gudi Padwa we had lunch at Sumangal the best in vegetarian cuisine .

From Alibagh we took a ST Bus for Murud a long 3 hour journey and reached my friend Dhumals Vinayaka Restaurant .. we had black coffee .. Linda shot the beach while I waited for my friend Kiran Batham eminent journalist Murud Janjira and the man who helped me shoot the bullock cart races long time back with photographer Sudhir Nagre .

Kiran picked us up his friend Nilesh drove the car for Kuda Mandad caves about 25 k from Murud and it took a long time and a bad road , we shot the impressionable caves I shot a few videos. Kiran dropped us at the Bus depot ,, 7.30  bus and we reached Sion a ricksha from Sion to home at 1.30 am and wife immediately cooked dinner fr the two of us ,, After dinner I dropped Linda to her hotel.

We had traveled about 15 hours today.. dead beat.

Happy World Photography Day 2019

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