Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Night Scam

corruption is cancer
the public foots the bill
the system sucks
a sweet bitter pill
hafta that makes
black money
from crooked pockets
over spill
without bribes
everything comes
to a stand still
telgi munir khan
harshad mehta
sleigh of hand
some skill
would have not
become rich men
without connivance
if they had sat still
a bureaucrats hand
in the government till
offering solutions
to run the windmills
profits and goodwill
getting rid of the
corruption of cancer
a task uphill
people watch
say nothing
why make a mountain
out of dunghill
scam after scam
the gullible waiting
to be screwed
by yet another refill
dying dreams to fulfill
life's score at the end
hopelessly NIL

Fuck Shoes

Fuck Shoes, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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Shoes from every production house lands up here on Bandra Hill Road , next to the Tata Agiary, this must be the only place that sells second hand shoes boots for ladies and gents and he has a flourishing business , among designers too , when an aged footwear is required for their client.

But larger than this and more famous than this is Dedh Gully at Kamatipura next to Hijra Gully No 1 .. the business starts at 1m and gets over by the wee hours of dawn , totally crowded on Friday ,,, and close by is the Kamatipura Flea Market ..

All the shoes stolen from Mosques and other religious functions find their way here , refurbished and sold , you can get any pair Bally ,Armani you name it they have it..

As I walk barefeet I never had the craze for this quintessential shoe plaza of the streets..you get some original army boots here , imported ones and local ones.

The kids make a beeline for this place .. an extension of this place is at Chimna Butcher Chor Bazar , but only a few stores remain..

During the making of Eena Meena Deeka a flm by David Dhawan produced by Nitin Manmohan of Neha Arts ..we needed to give the crowds only a single shoe , I got most of my stuff here..

Once upon a time I wore a black shoe and a white shoe as a fashion statement..but than my friend at Buzznet Debbie gave me a mantra .. that I follow Fuck Shoes..

And I have hardly used foul words ever since I joined Facebook..my pedestrian poem's too have tamed down.I have become more lenient towards adding friends on Facebook..

This Hill Road shoe stall is run by a couple and the kids chip in too.. dont miss this place close to the road that enters Chinchpokli Bandra from Bandra Hill Road.

My Name is Mona Darling

my name is mona darling
unforgettable my sting
a man a woman
on a swing
a knave a queen and king
joys of another kind
i bring
like a leech sucking
your sexuality
i cling
once i have used you
out of the window
your love i will fling
a memory you wont forget
above all things
the sanctity
of your so called
wedding ring

Mona's Mystique

mona a hijra
in waiting
so to speak
but gentle and meek
she has what you seek
monas love monas mystique
holding the best of you
cheek to cheek

The Buxom Beauty of Mumbai - Hijra Outlook

in the husk of a male body
dont judge the cover
of this book
the buxom beauty of mumbai
hijra outlook
a splendorous dish
that god did not cook
for a moment
he too was confused
a woman he mistook
reflecting his shortcomings
as an androgynous face
in the brook
he is what she is
by stealth by hook or by crook
a diva a prima donna
within the pages of a style book