Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mona and Nandini Eunuch Children

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With this picture I complete my Hijras at Haji Malang 2010 series at Flickr, I have thus posted 1380 hijra pictures , some are of the Hijra Bawa I will include here from Haji Malang Urus 2010 series.

Had I stayed over and shot the Sultan Shah Babas Urus at Haji Malang I would have definitely got a lot more photos but there comes a time when you have to stop.

I love these eunuch kids and there is another child beauty I shot last year Jyoti the child eunuch she was not here this time..Jyoti is a rare vulnerable fragile hijra child unlike these two , both Mona and Nandini are from rich hijra parentage but street smart you dont mess with them they have a lot of attitude and both their foster parents Gopal Haji and Babita Hijra love them dearly.

These two are the Hijra community's lucky talisman.

Hijras Shoot Me Much Before I Shoot Them

with their body language of love
they loot me much before I loot them

Lab Pe Ati Hai Ek Bat Kehte Hue Ghabrata Hoon

unki chaukat par
apna sar jhukata hoon
lab pe ati hai bat
kehte hue ghabrata hoon
ke dilon jan
se main unko chahta hoon
unke gham main apna gham
bhool jata hoon unke kanon
main yeh bat kehte hue
reh jata hoon
wo kisi aur aur ko chahti hain
main unko chahta hoon


Navi, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

ke katilon
pe thukte
hain hum
to the
of the drum
merriment frolic
till the soul
goes numb
of re awakening
of the shia soul
in this album
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
our spiritual anthem

A Hijra is Born

a rose bud
at the mercy
of a spiked thorn
her lost childhood
her lost dreams
all gone
hijra life
a curse
a blasphemy
of scorn
it hurts
when hijras
as humans
are used abused
as porn
the birth of a book
chapters all torn

to manish gaekwad
colors and crayon

Nandini The Child Eunuch Shoots

a hijra plant of pain
born without roots
given away
to the hijras
the night
she was born
her biological
hardcore brutes
being born a hijra
is a stigma
in fucked Indian society
blame the system
our soul
our self respect loots
its about religion
about politics
about money
for the hijras
it is gallis
chapals and boots
who cares a fuck
for child hijras
who needs Truth
lies our pretentious
state of living suits
hate bigotry intolerance
parochial division of a nation
on language caste color creed
the soul of a weeping
mother India pollutes

to a hijra child
indomitable hijra society
this poem as tribute

Uff Yeh Mohabbat

They fight most of the time, but Mona and Nandini both child eunuch ,love each other immensely , the pictures says it million times over and my pictures are never posed I dont use my pictures to get readership, I shoot what I see and you see what I saw..

Mona and Nandini hail from very rich affluent foter hijra family.. they have everything and more , that money can buy.
But their greatest wealth is father Gopal Haji Hijra Nayak of Najafgarh, and Babita hijra mother.

Both kids love me for a single reason , yes they love me because they are hardcore fans of Salman Khan ,the one and only Tees Mar Khan of Bollywood other Khan or Khanna could ever take his place period.

Luckily Mona and Nandini are not on Facebook or I would go crazy , friends mostly girls write to me to ask Salman Khan to add them as a friend.

And I hardly meet Salman Bhai though we stay quite close by at Bandra..he stays at Band Stand I stay at the other midnight..

Mona wants to be a photographer like me I told her it wont bring in money..Nandini wants to be a film star,and I told her she would be a instant hit with her hijra claps , and as the first Hijra child artiste of India.

I hope some avid director is reading this.. I know Shekar Kapoor and Dan Boyle wont read me at this part of the morning..'

I shot a lot of pictures of their Sandal but had to abort it in the end I hate camera flash , and the pictures were looking horrible and morbid.

Marziya would love them both for sure .

Nandini The Birth of a Child Eunuch

I am posting my last lot of the Hijras in Haji Malang and these pictures were shot at a dance recital function at Gopal Haji and Babita Hijras house at Haji Malang.

I had kept back these pictures earlier due to Athvi Moharam, but officially Moharam got over lat night and we Shias cerebrate a happy moment we call Eid E Zehra or 9 Rabbilawwal...

The child in the picture is Nandini the child eunuch, she carries her destiny on her forehead, mind you she is not a poor child , she is foster hijra child of Babita Hijra and Gopal Haji., along with Mona the Child Eunuch.

I have been documenting the life and growth of Mona for several years and Nandini for about two years.

I am a grand father of a little gifted child , I love children , I shoot children , not merely as pretty faces I shoot children as the future of our human race , I shoot children as the promise of love given to us by God..

I am not just a camera flashing photographer ,my camera is nothing but an instrument that carries a message of Peace embedded as a photo blog...and my camera does not merely shoot pictures it poetizes my subjects for eternity....
I show you God like no other person will I show you a God as a Father of all lesser things too.

Creating Mona or Nandini as a drop of tear on the soul of hijra consciousness is what godliness is about..You have to be in my shoes to understand the angst of the people I shoot with my eyes closed behind the viewfinder I see the darkness of my soul and the soul I shoot.

Nandini is a darkness shedding light to all.. yes Fuck F Stops and Aperture see the complete picture of life with jagged ends and spectral light .

Nandini is a Hijra no second thoughts about it, her every movement , her body language is the Soul of the Hijra as a young child ..the adult hijra may have been a boy but Nandini is a Hijra by birth.

I am not a Hijra expert ,I have no coffee book type aspirations I trample on grammar and syntax to reach my heart to you via this blog I am uneducated of the written word but I am a poet I dont need words , I cam embed poetry where no poetry existed and I am yet to be discovered offline..and the flip side is I stitch clothes as I stitch a blog ready to wear..

Nandini and Mona I shoot them as I shoot my own grand daughter and not as two hijra children.. and they both love me , luckily I am more poetic in my sartorial notoriety than the most hot shot celebrity photographer , and I am perhaps not a photographer photographer per se.

I shoot Hijras as know else does because I dont shoot them as a photographer I shoot hijras as a creator of androgynous magic , its not necessary Hijras to like me , some hate me more than they hate their missing vagina, and I have been threatened warned by hijra heads that dot take kindly t their culture being popularized or over exposed on the net so enter Laxmi Narayn Tripathi my hijra Guru , my savior from hijra hate ,and my lucky talisman , I reiterate without Laxmi I would have not reached this far, , I am part of the hijra angst hijra quest, I show you their world with my eyes..

So I dedicate this blog , written at 6.30 am today on an unwashed mouth to Laxmi Narayan Tripathi my hijjra guru, this is my Nasha my Uttara ...and blogging in my case is more addictive but less punishing than alcohol I was an alcoholic 12 years back..

All the pictures of this lot are on Flickr my photo steam , I will not cross blog them either to my Hija Eunuch blogs or anywhere else.

And to people of my Faith a very Happy Eid..I will be at a film shoot so away from my computer for some time.. and I miss my grand daughter u immensely and people have called me from all over India and written to me about her.

So a child is a power of holistic healing and my next words will make me cry , a Facebook friend Kaushik Dutta called me yesterday, he had seen Marziyas crying picture , he and his family were worried , this was his first call to me from Khargpur, and he said ever since we saw Marziya we consider her our own..

And kind words from my dear friend Vinod Mirani of Box Office too..

Now see Nandinis pictures with tears on your eyes you will know even riches that Nandinis hijra parents possess cannot buy child hood or the hope of a childs heaven and eternity.

Yes I shot Nandini the child hijra as I shot Marziya and created paper wings so she can fly into your hearts on cyberspace.

Poetic Love Gone Down The Drain

leaping tiger
wingless crane
words like
in the gutter
of his brain
poetic love
gone down
the drain
born in captivity
seeking humanity
in the name of hussain

Breaking the Barrier of Time

time elapsed
she got married
had children
so to speak
one day she returned
to haji malang
the spiritual peak
of memories
of peace
of doomed love
of thoughts unique
the spirit was wishing
the future was bleak
her children meek
playing hide and seek
to the malang
with rings
on his fingers
a freakazoid geek
silence sleek
she looked
into his eyes
time stopped
a metaphoric moment
of a barefeet beggar
his mystique
a beggars bowl
her slithering smile
on the soul of his loneliness
a slap on his cheek
of time forgotten
a thought oblique
emotions choked
inundated creek

Anthim Ghadi Ka Intezar Hai

se pareshan hai
akhri nishan hai
maut mandrati hui
meherban hai
sirf palang
par ek zinda lash
anjaan hai
charon taraf
aur zindan hai

she i was told is in the last stages of her life..

Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka

betrayed moments
a betrayal of life
morbid and intense
as is where is
no suspense
a house of dreams
makes no sense
street of pain
by my camera lens
said the Baba of Haji Malang
come with your two legs
but at at the foot of Malangad
keep your Santro your Mercedes Benz
now your spiritual journey
in all humility
you can commence

Eid E Zehra Mubarak

for two month
eight days
we bled
we cut
our backs
we cut
our heads
so whether
it is moharam
or eid e zehra
we choose
the color red
we curse
the killers
of imam hussain
and those eunuchs
of the yazidi force
who watched this
like cowards
tails between
their legs fled
long live
the martyrs
the purebred
our only peaceful

Eid E Zehra Mubarak

for two month
eight days
we bled
we cut
our backs
we cut
our heads
so whether
it is moharam
or eid e zehra
we choose
the color red
we curse
the killers
of imam hussain
and those eunuchs
of the yazidi force
who watched this
like cowards
tails between
their legs fled
long live
the martyrs
the purebred
our only peaceful

Minstrels of Pandharpur at HajiMalng

Well these are pictures I shot while climbing down the mountains barefeet from Haji Malang , I do things alone photography and reminiscing , I wish I had a female companion , as it gets lonely and I dont shoot landscapes or sunsets..I trudged along, shooting pictures and this too is an extension of street photography.. in a way..

The climb down does not tire me and the most important aspect of reaching home was Marziya I just spoke to her ..for those of you who have tuned in late Marziya my 2 year old grand daughter has gone Lucknow to celebrate Athvi which is today and Eid E Zehra tomorrow..

These minstrels come to the foothills of Malangad just before you reach base and I have known them since a very long time , thy are colorful people I respect their love devotion to their Deity..they call me Photowale Malang Baba ..some call me Mastan .

And I am not a Bawa at all, I dress in this peculiar style that has Sufi connotations , and I dont bring my expensive jewelry on my person , because I fear I will lose it, so I wear normal mundane stuff.. and two sets of clothes I bathe in chilled water sitting under the tap,a room given to me free by Abhijeet Ketkar I share it with Sakib my florist friend from Mahim.

And this lot at Flickr completes my Haji Malang trip 2010.

I have kept my Hijra pictures in abeyance and my Flickr Uploader has finally got rest all day today..

Due to a very urgent film based commitment I did not have time to shoot Athvi ..nor have I gone for the Jashn of Eid E Zehara at the Shia Mosque..

And I am really tired and depleted physically emotionally spiritually.
From tomorrow I will bring out my Saffron clothes out of the closet..Moharam is officially over.. for two month eight days I wore black or tiger prints..

And if God wills I will try to go and shoot the Shahi Snan at Hardwar Kumbh , my Naga Sadhu Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj of Junagadh Akhada is stationed there waiting for me.

She Made a Monkey Out Of Me

her failed promises
her failed commitment
me stuck in between
the grass on the side
of her fence no more green
she made a monkey out of me
all her moves a smoke screen
the house of my dreams
simian sorrow serene
a broken down
love machine
a barefeet blogger
in the web of her deceit
now a has been
never fall in love
with a girl who
pretends to be nineteen
a fucked flu no vaccine