Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shooting The Hijras Of India

These are traffic signal beggar hijras I have shot them for many years now and this hijra lady was new she did not recognize me seeing my camera she hid her face ,, some hijras do not take kindly to being photographed ... but I shoot them nonetheless ..
I have shot over 50 shades of gray of the hijras moods ,,,I penetrated her inner angst.. and in all humility nobody has documented the Androgyne as I have paying tribute to the dichotomy of her androgynous gender ,,,her Ying and Yang .
My documentation of the hijra barring these few blogs has been locked up from public eyes completely including my poetry on the hijras..
God does not deny me the right to shoot the passion pathos and the poetry of the Indian Hijra ,, I dont stalk them but yes they get entrapped by the third eye of Shiva .. in my camera lens ..
Ardh Nari Nraeshwar
half man half woman
all male ..sometimes
tragically on a shelf on sale
her choking cries her wail
in her androgynous body
a trapped female ,,from this
mans body out in the open
a steep wall she tries to scale
she rises she falls she fails
her face devoid of happiness
her body frail.. the hijra on a quest
of a holy grail.. so many paths
leading towards a lost trail..
the hijras sad story the hijras tale
a mask within a mask surrealistic
veil imprisoned forever ever held
captive in a jail.. a rudderless boat
without oars without sails ,,,the hijra '
is only seen as a sexual commodity
to a bleeding cross nailed .. to be
or not to be that she wants to be but
cant be a complete woman..a plan
derailed ,,,access denied a god that
failed ,,,a beta woman or an alpha male

Bollywoods Most Wanted Mr Shakti Kapoor

Sunil Sikanderlal Kapoor (born 4 July 1953) is an Indian Bollywood actor. He is known for playing villains in Bollywood movies for more than three decades. He has also been applauded for playing comic roles in several movies. Through the eighties and nineties, Kapoor teamed up with actor Kader Khan as the comical or evil duo in over 100 films.

Early life[edit]
Shakti Kapoor was born in Delhi, India to a Punjabi family. His father ran a tailor shop in Connaught Place, New Delhi. When Mahesh Sanghavi offered him the role of a villain in the movie Rocky, he thought the name 'Sunil Kapoor' was too weak for a villain, so he renamed him as 'Shakti Kapoor'.

As a struggler in Bollywood, initially Shakti Kapoor did so many small inconsequential roles in movies, all the while looking out for a suitable role as a leading man. The years 1980–81 established Shakti Kapoor as an actor in Bollywood with two of his movies Qurbani and Rocky. In 1983, Kapoor had roles in Himmatwala and the Subhash Ghai directed movie Hero. Kapoor had played villain roles in both these movies. In the nineties, he often diversified to positive comic roles and performed them with equal finesse.[citation needed] He has been nominated for the Filmfare Award in the Best Comedian category and won once, for his performance as Nandu in David Dhawan's film, Raja Babu. Some of his comic roles have been as Inspector Bhinde in Insaaf, Prasad in Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri, Crime Master Gogo in Andaz Apna Apna, Tohfa, as Batuknath in ChaalBaaz and as Goonga in Bol Radha Bol.

Kapoor has been a reference for mimicry artistes who emulate his style and dialogues such as "Aaaooo Lolita" from the movie Tohfa, "Main Nanha sa Chotta sa Bachcha Hoon" from the movie Chaalbaaz and "Nandu sabka bandhu, samajhta nahi hai yaar" from the movie Raja Babu.[1][2] Since 2000, Kapoor is a regular fixture in Priyadarshan films like Hungama, Hulchul, Chup Chup Ke and Malamaal Weekly and most recently Malayalam remake Bhagam Bhag. He also acted in few Bengali films of Kolkata. In 2011, he was in the reality television show Bigg Boss (season 5) as one of the contestants. He has appeared in musical comedy Aasman Se Gire Khajoor Pe Atke [1],[2],[3] with his sister-in-law Padmini Kolhapure.

Personal life[edit]
Shakti Kapoor is married to Shivangi (Padmini Kolhapure's elder sister) and has two children, a son Siddhanth Kapoor and a daughter Shraddha Kapoor.

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