Monday, September 17, 2012

Lewis Hamilton Speeds#thevodafonesuperfest #indiblogger

I Shot All This With My Eyes Closed .. #lewishamilton #vodafone superfest #indiblogger

Lewis Hamilton Loves Mumbai Rains#Vodafone Superfest

Goron Ki Na Kalon Ki Mumbai Hai Dilwalon Ki -The #VodafoneSpeedFest Experience At BKC

On Show Was Lewis Hamilton And The Indiblogger Race Of Bloggers

The Indiblogger VIP Stand .. Where People Sat Comfortably ..

Vodafone Superfest Taught Us We Can Keep Mumbai Clean..If We Want Too

Vodafone Superfest..Mumbai Roads Did Test.. All The Best

Have Wheels Will Travel.. Vodafone Speedfest Experience BKC..

The Remover of All Obstacles Lal Bagh Chya Raja 2012

241,933 items / 2,033,778 views

shot by sumit kale of kale bros lalbagh market

The Remover of All Obstacles Lal Bagh Chya Raja 2012

241,933 items / 2,033,778 views

shot by sumit kale of kale bros lalbagh market

The Remover of All Obstacles Lal Bagh Chya Raja 2012

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When I rushed to the Lal Bagh Chya Raja Pandal after shooting Vodafone Speedfest Race of Lewis Hamilton, I was sure I was not going to be on time to shoot his inaugral darshan today for Media and Press .
And I was late by a few minutes the photo shoot began at 7.45 .
I met Rju Langewal and others and they felt sad for me , I was leaving for home when I met Sumit Kale of Kale Bros Provision stores Lalbagh Market , he is a photography enthusiast , ans when he came to know I could not shoot The Raja he sent me these pictures shot by him to share on my Flickr photostream..

Jai Ganesha Thank you Sumit Kale ...

My idea of a good picture is one that's in focus and of a famous person. - Andy Warhol

If Only Vodafone Customer Care Was As Good As This Event ...

This Was the Only Road In Mumbai Without Potholes .. Experience ..

Simply because no media only bloggers were shooting this stretch , and bloggers reach is greater than that of Media.. they also knew that Deepak Eye Puneet Dubey and yours truly and others like us are precision emotive shooting bloggers nothing escapes their sequinned cosmic camera eye..

The #VodafoneSpeedFest Experience At BKC..Junoon Hi Junoon

Vodafone Speedfest with IndiBlogger and Lewis Hamilton

For the first time in my life as a photographer I shot continous sports mode on my Canon EOS 60D as suggested by my dear friend Deepak Amembal Magic Eye ,,, I normally shoot single frame and really dont care fo settings shooting as is where id believing I see and God hits the shutter,.. this time God was in New York with Anoop Johnson at Junoon so I had to hit the shutter too..

The Junoon IndiBlogger Meet #IndiNYC

When & Where?
Location: New York
Sunday September 16, 2012 - 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM

The Venue
27 W 24TH ST
NEW YORK, NY 10010

Subway Directions
F,M,N,R,1,2 TO 23RD ST
4,6 TO 28TH ST

Junoon and welcomes you to its first official IndiBlogger meet in the U.S!

The Junoon IndiBlogger Meet promises to be an amazing day of gourmet food & cocktails with Junoon and Vikas Khanna amidst the merry chatter of fellow bloggers.

This one's going to be awesome and there are limited seats, so register quick!

1.Registration11:00 AMBloggers
2.In The Beginning11: 30 AMIndiTeam
3.30 Seconds of Fame11:45 AMBloggers
4.The Junoon Experience12:30 PMVikas & Bloggers
5.Lunch2:00 PMEveryone
6.Head home and keep blogging!3:30 PMEveryone


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This is my new set at Flickr shot in two parts , one the Indi Blogger meet at the Hyatt and later at BKC..

When & Where?
Location: Mumbai
Sunday September 16, 2012 - 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
The Venue
Grand Hyatt
Kalina, Santacruz East

Vodafone & IndiBlogger bring you the most spectacular IndiBlogger meet yet, with Lewis Hamilton himself! Not only do you get to meet him, you could be one of the lucky IndiBloggers to get strapped in next to him while he does what he does best.

Those who attend the IndiBlogger Meet also get special VIP passes to watch Lewis Hamilton race down the streets of Mumbai as he does donuts, wheel runs and more in the MP4-27 F1 race car!

There are limited seats and passes for this event - so register now!

Note: Friends and family are not allowed, as there is a huge demand for seats. Only bloggers registered for the event may attend.

You may call Vineet at +919987559693 for any queries.

1.Registration12:00 PMBloggers
2.In The Beginning12:30 PMIndiTeam
3.30 Seconds of Fame12:45 PMBloggers
4.Live & Let Comment!1:30 PMBloggers
5.Lunch2:00 PMBloggers
6.Vodafone SpeedFest2:45 PMLewis Hamilton
7.Head to the Car Run!3:15 PMEveryone
The Car Run starts at The Asian Heart Institute (Assembly Area)
Parking area: Ground near the AHI, signage on the road should guide you
Seating/Stands: Starts at Asian Heart Institute
Distance between Parking and the Car Run: 500 m
Parking Slips will be given to those bringing their own vehicles
IndiBlogger will arrange for an IndiBus between Grand Hyatt and BKC. You may use the IndiBus if you don't have your own transport.

I came to the The Grand Hyat with Deepak Magic eye he met me at the Kherwadi signal...I picked him up and we reached the venue in time, this was one of the finest meets I have attended and as I am not much of a descriptive narrator I will corroborate my experience at the meet with pictures.

After the registration ,was a round of Introductions ably handled by Kartik..he was glib and clinically comperetive to Anup Johnson . at the other end in New York..

I sat as usual with Uma Shankar Pandey and Deepak Magic Eye , both photography enthusiasts and the race pictures would have not been possible without both of them, they gave a lot of tips on camera settings..

I met some great bloogers old and new among the new i wont forget Scheherazade Sherry Shirin she has a lot of pseudonyms .. Wafa F 1 race blogger and lucky winner to do a lap with Lewis Hamilton.. she is from Pune ..

And at this meet there were bloggers from Chandigarh, Ahmedabad Pune Nasik..and as far as Bandra.

Lunch was out of the world specially the clear soup...there were lot of pictures taken by the side of the racer car..

Now I must tell you I am not a F1 Fan definitely not a Vodafone fan, but Shahsi Bhushan was great .. he head Vodafone Marketing .. and this is the first race I shot..

Though I must confess though this was my first car race shoot , I have passionately shot the indigenous bullock cart race for several years till they were banned , at Alibagh and Murud Janjira .

I have one regret though I rushed like a wildbeast after the race at about 7.15 to Lalbagh bI had to reach there by 8 to shoot the Lalbgh Chya Raja first darshan for Press and Media , I have shot it every year, but I reached past 8 and it was over , I was terribly dejected , but perhaps it is the Lords way.. a friend will give me his pictures to post ..I shot the pandal the Lalbagh and Gauri again and returned home drained drenched ..

And I will first post the race pictures later the Hyatt Meet ..

Thank you Renie Ranvin Vineet Rajan Karthik Hemal and the entire Indiblogger team , fellow bloggers ...and Deepak Magic Eye Uma Shankar Pandey most of all..