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Muslims of the World Unite

Muslims of the World Unite, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 101,863 items / 665,383 views

be human respect humanity
with the rest of the world
or among your selves don't fight
you owe it to your children
peace hope harmony alright
remove the darkness
from your hearts
let there be light
eyes open because of
blinkers you have lost
your inner sight
false messiahs
rogue mullahs
misplaced martyrdom
a jehad for terrorism
not part of your birthright
good deeds good thoughts
along with the scriptures recite
head bowed in prayer
dont think evil
even god was not anti-Semite
for once give up this endless gunfight
the unborn child
on the threshold of peace
begs for some respite
leaderless rudderless
a message of peace
with love and brotherhood
we must rewrite

The Only Time When Newspapers Sell Like Hot Cakes

The Only Time When Newspapers Sell Like Hot Cakes, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Last Idd there was a huge confusion at this road side namaz venue, justifiably so, people buy old newspaper sheets at Rs 2/ to place on the road to offer namaz , now sometimes the Mid Day Mate could be a bit distracting or added insult to the spirituality of the namazis mind, so somebody came out with rolls of brown paper sheets instead of newspapers ..but habits die hard this time the namazis had reverted to newspapers again..this is one time at Bandra Station newspapers sell like hotcakes..

Dubai Dreams Gone Bust

Dubai Dreams Gone Bust, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. more for the poor
than the upper crust
back to mumbai
heat humidity and dust
no petro dollars
with gandhi
on his note
he must adjust
a bit tough
at first
choked internet wires
parched throat and thirst
a barefeet blogger
you telecom has
a bubble in trouble
they burst

Bakra Idd Namaz Bandra Station 2009

Bakra Idd Namaz Bandra Station 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 101,821 items / 664,860 views

The Shias from Bandra area where I live go for namaz to the Bandra Khoja Shia Mosque , that is being duly expanded to accommodate the namazis..however it is the Sunni Bandra Station Road Namaz I shot, and love to shoot, it is spiritually exhilarating, and most of the people residing in my area pray here on both the Idds..

There are other places to like the Noorani Mosque and the adjacent areas, Almeida Park, Badi Masjid including a Sunni mosque near the main Bandra Bazar.

After the namaz the Qurbani slaughter of the Bakras begin, mostly soon after the fajr Azan, at Ebu butchers slaughter house cum goat shop , the clientele is mostly the Shia Khojas , they buy the bakras and like me have it cut here..the wait is endless but I was given preference over everyone else as a few years back Ebu and I were neighbors when I stayed at Kamla Bai Sadan..

Close to the Noorani Mos…

From Dubai With Love

From Dubai With Love, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 101,817 items / 664,598 views

time and fate
hand in glove
first the push
than the shove
back to amchi mumbai
from dubai with love
wingless flight
home coming
of an indian dove

Bakra Idd Namaz Bandra Station 2009

Bakra Idd Namaz Bandra Station 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 101,816 items / 664,598 views

I was late for the Bakra Idd Namaz and here as I reached the Bandra Station Sunni Mosque barefeet I spotted this young boy, and I was lucky I was the only one shooting him, most of the so called photo journalists were busy capturing the Mansuri kids further ahead..

Kid who are cutely dressed by the fathers vying to be in the newspapers along with the kids , and after the namaz ends its the beginning and no end for kids Idd hugging pictures , I shoot this too including the journos in my frame..

After the namaz I shot a pathetic beggar lady in a hijab and in great pain, from here I rushed to Ebus goat shop shot some more Qurbani pictures , and cutting across Indira Nagar came to a scene, that hit me hard..
At Bandra Bazar Road there was a friendly goat called Jimbu without horns brown and white, he loved kids , he was Marziyas favorite, he was to be slaughtered last yea…

Happy Idd - Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Happy Idd - Muslim Brothers and Sisters, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 101,815 items / 664,504 views

I had shot them at Haji Malang during the Urus - this albino family, and on Idd day while rushing to shoot the Idd Bandra Station namaz I spotted them at JJ Colony, they were wondering about me, barefeet , dressed in orange garb, I was desperately late for the Namaz , I paid them generously shot a few frames..they cannot stand the rays of the sun..for me this is the prologue to pain before man bows his head towards the Almighty..

I came back from the Namaz shot some Qurbani stuff than since yesterday my net was dead , my pictures I could not upload..I shot beggar women in hijab and with the power of my mind embedded in my camera , you can see her face and her pain..this is the flip side of festivity..Amiron ki Idd Saal main Ek Bar Gharibon ki Idd ek din main bar bar...

I am making another set for the Idd pictures here at Flickr..I shot in color but because my net wa…

To The Gen.Manager You Telecom Mumbai

To The Gen.Manager You Telecom Mumbai, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 101,814 items / 664,483 views

Your Service is the Worst - You Telecom Tortures

To The General Manager
You Telecom

I am posting this from my sons computer as my internet connection has been dead since two days, innumerable calls
to your inefficient customer care , including two supervisors and my net connection has not been restored.

Your technicians know nothing one came last evening erased the IP code while checking the modem
and another came this evening while I was away at work and my connection is dead.

I am an existing client since the nightmares of Iqara and now You Telecom . I have nothing against you Telecom, I pay my dues on time , but when I am harassed I post my pain all over the internet as a photo journalist and as an International blogger..I shot Idd pictures and am unable to post them, last evening I was at a cyber cafe because someone cuts the wires , is that my fault, why dont y…