Monday, December 14, 2015

Do Lepers Celebrate Mothers Day ?

I left home yesterday in a hurry I am busy with some film work.. I left my mobile phone at home and did not realize it till I saw these new beggars in my area .. Bandra Bazar Road ,,And I shoot lepers .. and I did not want to rush home get my camera and capture them..I let the moment pass me by but I willed the moment to return with a demonic passion called street photography .
This morning as I was returning home I saw them in the market Bazar Road and before I gave them money generously I shot two videos and these 3 frames ,, I can go on shooting lepers forever ,,and the fair and lovely cream will never have a leper mother and the child as their model...
I used to document the life of a Hindu lady a leper who converted to Christianity, but the custodians of Jesus .. could not give Maria her salvation she begged on the road at Boran Road , she has left Mumbai but will return I am sure.. I wanted to connect her with Sister Christobel a healer and helper of the poor ..from Mother Theresa s order a very good friend of mine .. and late Fr Peter Drego.
Now her daughter Mary begs where she once sat,.. her children are in a convent I am told in South India ,
I shot a lot of beggars on the foothills of Haji Malang that was once a beggar colony , now it is prime property and the lepers sold out just a few remain...
I shot a very prolific leper beggar at Hyderabad I was here for Moharam shooting him with my dear friend Boaz.
There are two lepers and a beggar lady at Bandra Hill Road ,, they are the three most iconic leper beggars of Bandra .
So these are street stories ,, shot as pictures cosmically bought forward after I had lost them yesterday .
I have realized if you force a moment to return it cosmically comes back.. there was a time when I left home and I said I will shoot the transgender and believe it or not I met them shot there was no way the moment could evade the Third Eye of Shiva held as eternity in my camera lens .

The Poor Muslim Was Taken For A Royal Ride By All Political Parties

He is from Malda West Bengal,and most of the Muslim beggars in Mumbai begging in predominantly Muslim colonies  Muslim slums Muslim ghettos are from Malda or Murshidabad ,,

Why are they leaving their homes , city village town undergoing hardship living in worst human condition begging in Mumbai..Mumbai is a city of dreams but it can be a very heartless city for the migrants ,,very unfriendly somtimes and unapproachable .

Those who make it in Mumbai ..marry another beggar and start life afresh..their kids also beg..

And at Shastri Nagar Santa Cruz close to the Bus Depot , close to the mosque , men woman children begging ..Muslims begging from Muslims ,, and I knew he was from Malda much before he told me that..

And the leaders from the cities they come from dont care a bit .. and they beg grovel.. but they will remain a beggar all their lives ,,

I Shoot Urban Chaos

I cannot shoot
glitz and gloss
i only shoot
what i was
destined too
shoot effect and cause
no candy floss
i dont have to go
down under a photo
editors desk to get
a picture published
i am my own boss
i carry my camera
comically like jesus
s cross ,,shoot the
pain poetry of life
that comes across