Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Photographers and Mother India

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dedicated to glenn losack

from one photographer
to another
you are more to me
than my own blood brother
street art
street pain
we shoot
like no other
yes a brooklyn jew
a shia muslim
who hail
india as mother
karmic destiny
our unique bond
can never smother

the furious physician Pro User says:

the best street photographer of MUMBAI

Jai Govinda Jai Gopala

dedicated to Shankar Gallery
Richard Lazzara

reaching out for
a serene spirituality
in a dahi pot
hands and legs
head and shoulders
in the streets of mumbai hot
jai govinda jai gopala
a beautiful thought
a magical moment
binding you soul
on the spot
peace hope harmony
that god bought
defeating the curse
of swine flu
an accidental plot
that was terrorizing
the human lot
resurrecting him
from destiny's rot

jai govinda jai gopala
mumbai wala hai dilwala
mumbai premki patshala
jalnewale ka moonh ho kala
dilip kumar madhubala
rajendra kumar vijayntimala
purani pijcharon ka maza nirala
sharuk khan ko
amriki immigrationwalon ne
pareshan kar dala

How Safe is a Photographer From Swine Flu

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how safe
is the photographer
from swine flu
save his surroundings
the sane photographer
mundane photographer
has no clue
along with pain his life
that grew over a cuckoos nest
somewhat it flew
me Muslim he Hindu
mee mumbaikars both
its true
wearing a swine flu mask
yet searching for a
gopala with a swine flu mask
as on cue
i read his photo
journalistic thoughts
through and through
editorial requirement
must be paid their due
where as I as a photoblogger
unemployed but working
without pay for
google bing and yahoo

Photographers are Vulnerable to Swine Flu too

shooting the banal
the decadent
life unclean
pedestrian pain
without its sheen
the memorable and the routine
bringing it
to your computer screen
are vulnerable to swine flu
need no vaccine
immune to calamities
a thought foreseen
time recording
heavy duty machine
showing you fire
behind the smoke screen
life as life not to demean
shooting the soul of spirituality
DNA photographer hotshot Swapnil
a seasoned photographer
in his teen living on chai
some namkeen
from the crowds
hidden and unseen

Shia Feast at My House

shot by my wife

I had returned from the first part of the Dahi Handi shoot from Dadar , barefeet tired and dehydrated , and on reaching home realized there was a ladies celebrations commemorating the birthday of the Twelfth Imam at our house.
14 August 2009

Later I left with my camera to shoot Advocate Ashish Shelars dahi handi celebrations at Hill Road and came home after the function was over.

Muslim Kids Too Paricipate in the Dahi Handi

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Many a Dahi Handi Mandal has Muslim youth as their members and part of the framework that forms the pyramid that break the pot...

And this is the bonhomie and spirit of togetherness - which goes beyond religiosity here in Mumbai.

At Advocate Ashish Shelars Dahi Handi celebrations most of the volunteers were Muslims from the area and a Christian Neil 6 packs from Indira Nagar.

Even in the Mandals from Mazgaon most of the guys in skull cap are actual Muslims.

But the Muslim skull cap is a famous head gear among the Dahi Handi Krishna Brigade.

And I was feeling very embarrassed asking a guy here whether he was a Muslim.. I let it pass..Dahi Handi signifies a unification of all in its human aspect..

After all dressed in saffron I was shooting Dahi Handi as a message of Peace in Hope and Hindutva.

And I am not a photo journalist only a street shooting photo blogger..all my pictures of any procession or ritual or the hijras has street art as an underlying thought...

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

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