Monday, June 15, 2015

Have You Bought Anything For Me To Eat ,,

I know on bakra eid
you will slaughter me
my flesh you will eat
for your spirituality
i am the sacrificial life a one
way street ,, with a
single stroke my life
you will delete ,,oh
how i envy the bull
the bullock oxen.
a beef ban ..saved
them forever i repeat
when will Mr Devendra
Fadnavis hon chief minister
impose a mutton ban ..
save our souls indeed
a fish ban a chicken ban
a pork ban..a circle of
hope harmony complete
will he also save the farmers
suicide prone .. defeated
fate they cant cheat ,,
a rope round their necks
control alt delete ,,
i listened to this wild
lambs oratory rhetoric
in oxymoron haste i
rushed away from
the bandra talao
on my barefeet .

tears on the soul of
my poetry ..i will give the qurbani
money to the poor on bakra eid
hermetically a heretic ..beyond
color caste or greed ,,,

Empty Dabbas Like Our Netas Make The Most Noise After A Rape They Say Boys Will Be Boys