Sunday, April 3, 2016

Arjun My Friend His Mother is A Leper

I first met them begging on a cart at Bandra Bazar a few months back with their relative pushing the cart a leper too..he told me he was Arjuns uncle the leper ladies brother .
Than he disappeared and I would meet Arjun and his mother begging close to the Municipal school at a Bazar lane.
I gave them money bought icegola for Arjun he seemed to like me a lot .
Today I saw them at their usual haunt Arjun was fascinated with my rings he would not leave my hand his smile is very beautiful both mother and child are from Karnataka begging at Bandra .they are very close to the few beggar lepers that beg in Bandra .
And I love shooting beggars their world that they face with dignity they teach me lessons in humility and it is these beggars that from a louder than thou blogger made me a storyteller.
My genre is Muslim Beggars but these are a few non Muslim Beggars I shoot passionately .
I miss Maria the leper lady of Bandra I think she has left Bandra for good her place taken by her daughter Mary who sits at Boran Road a head scarf in place and most of the Muslims who pass by give her alms generously .
Tellin a story through a image was exciting once upon a time but here I accidentally shot a few minutes of video of Arjun and his leper mother .
The stories I shoot I can assure you will never be found in newspapers they dont take kindly to people who shoot pictures for the internet and I would never pimp my street pictures at Instagram
But my stories for the first time originate at Facebook I tell them to my friends here but at my other platforms Flickr Blogspot and Twitter they are for public...I don't have much regards for the rest of rhe faceless nameless Facebook public .
Very few people in cyberspace know how to use Facebook or Twitter they still think it is an e tension of Orkut ...Lol.
I am on the internet since 2004..

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Thanks to Ranjit Dahiya
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