Friday, October 30, 2009

The Hijra With The Pouted Lips

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poignant pathos
a heart beat skips
pendulous movements
of her hips
the hijra with the
pouted lips
her inner pain
in a micro chip
her elusive hopes
as they rise and dip
feminine fragility
held to a hair clip
layer after layer
her clothes
they will strip
a libidinous lechery
they will unzip
a record in motion
they will flip
holding her
in a snake like grip
passionate lashings
of a whip
the hijra
her life of sexual hardship
embedded in the soul
of a filmstrip
man to man
a dichotomous courtship
an androgynous amorphous
strange kinship
round and round
a one way trip
the hijra playing to
the gallery
without a script