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Carter Road Bandra Will Always Be Carter Road

Carter Road Bandra Will Always Be Carter Road
Whenever I come here to visit my patron Mr Yusuf Lakdawala I bring my camera to take a few shots of beautiful Carter Road ,,Once I walked a lot I shot a lot but than I began walking at MET Grounds Bandra Reclamation..
Walking here you might meet Gulzar Sab , Salman Khan , Anil Dhawan and a lot of celebrities , Page 3 .. I used to meet Mr Tushar Gandhi and I was the only clown among the walkers in my traditional Sufi robes..turban ,jewelry and walked barefeet .
This was in 2007 and than I disappeared completely from Carter Road ,, I used to bring both my granddaughters , in 2013 let them shoot pictures visit Bala at Mr Rajesh Khanas house Ashirwad , now it is the House Of Shettys ..

And I was wondering where his family will celebrate his third death anniversary..

There Is a Lot To Shoot In Bandra ,,, You Need To See It Before You Show It To Your Camera

Man is a Human Crow

the garbage dumps
for food leftovers
hungry stomach
his essence
his core
his fucked
destiny sweeps
another mans
doors ,,he needs
drugs he needs
whores dead
soul of humanity
on his face has
shut all doors
the story of
a bandra drug
addict hardcore
lying half dead
on the floor
his deathly
silence his
morbid snore
a pebble he
will soon be
washed away
to another shore
when it rains heavily
pours the rains will
take him away with
a roar...even god
has turned his back
wont hear him as
he implores a fistful
of coins he begs
for more ..

a fleshy body
rusted ore

Ganesh Workshops Parel 2015

Interview With Mr Surendra Pawar Tennis Coach MET Bandra Reclamatiom

I Am On Twitter

Once Upon A Time With Sanju Baba

This was shot during the elections a long time back.. Mr Sanjay Dutt was canvassing for the Samajwadi Party candidate Mr Rizwan Merchant , the moment Sanju Baba saw me he looked totally zapped , he knew I was a darzi posing as a designer but he was not aware of my photography. After the meeting he asked me if I had become a photographer I told him I was documenting the Dance of Democracy...I was shooting political rally s , I was shooting the Congress BJP ..and other parties in the election fray. And this was my set at Flickr that made me see the use of poor Muslims as crowds , the same Muslim woman with a hijab was in one party in the morning and another party in the evening for free biryani and Rs 500 .. some got extra money if they bought kids too and honestly elections is nothing but one big frivolous tamasha ,,the chamchas of the candidates , the leaders ass lickers , and the neta with folded hands .. and Bollywood bigwigs supporting the candidate and one Modi wave .turned the t…

Benn Bell My Best Friend

Image courtesy his Facebook profile

I would like to introduce you to Benn Bell from Louisville Kentucky ,,I still dont know how we met but , we met cosmically at Buzznet in early 2005 and Buzznet was my earliest baby steps into cyberspace ..and whatever I am today as a indefatigable blogger , prodigiously prolific is because of Buzznet , and friends like Benn Bell, Yorrick Friar Tuck Ayu Sri Mahayani Tom Andrews and a host of people including Xris Taylor..Sierra Whiskey and some who faded away into the twilight zone ..I was posting pictures that were incredibly different , cultural, rituals , bloodletting and the transgender so many added me ,, my world of imagery was hardcore real..with no place for imaginary romantic illusion , my Buzznet timeline was my raw sense of grammar , my poor lexicon of words , but all my friends helped me groomed me to I evolved as a street poet of slam,

I met Bernie Aguirre we started of on a bad note but today almost 10 years down the line this crazy fo…

Dickead Why Did You Write About My Sexual Horniness He Said To Me

I am horny
i screw female
goats why does
it get on your
goat his words
in anger i literally
quote ,,the goats
want it badly i
give it to them
a reply from me
he sought ,i
tried to placate
him as i knew
after this eid
the next eid
he would be
smote .a few
months of
of mastan
bandras only
 wise goat
whispered in
my ears ,
it is deadpan
that destroyed
man by his right
to vote ,,

Mastan The Horny Goat ,,Please Dont Blow Horn

What do I tell you about this Goat with manly desires and indefatigable libido , he is always on heat and though locked up in chains as he sees the female goats on the garbage dumps , with all the force of his animal sexuality he breaks free and starts humping them to the cries of his master .. who runs after him and with few people gets him under control..and Mastan is a term for a spiritual happy man.. amazingly he understands me but because he knows instinctively that I write bad things about him , he loves to butt me so I keep a distance from him..

And there is Mastan in so many of us the uncontrollable desire .. so do we need to be locked up in chains .. lol

Some do , they need to be castrated too those who abuse little kids and this is not desire but a sickness of a corrupt mind .. it kills me when I read those stories ,, this was a blank post but my friend Alok Vats liked it so I added a few words.. this is another aspect of blogging it is called Sone Pe Suhaga .. Alok Vats is…

Carrom Board Players of Bandra Bazar Road

Every evening and on Sundays they devotedly play Bandra Bazar Road Maket ,, in peaceful mindset.. and silently ,,

About Carrom

Carrom (also known as Karrom) is a "strike and pocket" table game of Eastern origin similar to billiards and table shuffleboard. It is found throughout the East under different names though most non-eastern people know it by the East Asian name of Carroms (or Karrom). It is very popular in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and surrounding areas and in the Middle East as well. In South Asia, many clubs and cafés hold regular tournaments. Carrom is very commonly played by families, including the children, and at social functions. Different standards and rules exist in different areas.

The game of carrom is believed to have originated from the Indian subcontinent. Although no concrete evidence is available, but it is believed that carrom was invented by the Indian Maharajas. One Carrom Board with its surface made of…

Actors Factor An Interview With Eminent Director Ikram Akhtar


Mumbai's infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don't think you can live anywhere else.
Yash Chopra

Life Is Junk...Says This Old Monk

Only from the heart Can you touch the sky. rumi

The Day In The Life Of Bandra Municipal Conservancy Staff

One of the richest corporations with huge money resources funds is the stingiest agency bent on breaking the back of Mumbai , it does not supply gloves , masks or safety shoes to its employees or their contract workers ..I have shot their videos working in the muck , prone to diseases , but even our laidback municipal local representatives are not bothered ,, and those who fight any election in Mumbai or elsewhere the main criteria is to make money gain wealth assets in their spouses name or benami.. public welfare is never the main option, empty hollow rhetoric masterful oratory and than the skeletons start falling out from the termite infested cupboard.. I have seen nobody really cares for the public , the only one time they do is when they come with a rubber stamp smile and folded hands ,,
Once they win the seat , it is trying hard to get a position in the cabinet or head some lucrative position all know the whole story ..Mumbai is dying because of the apathy of leaders who …

Nargis Dutt Nagar Ramzan Time

Perhaps the most filthiest ugliest slums in Bandra mostly populated with Muslims and once a Congress Party vote bank , and an insult to the memory of actor Nargis Dutt is the Nargis Dutt Nagar slums and if Ms Priya Dutt wanted she could have made this slum memorable and a role model but it has gone from bad to worse ... known for all the wrong reasons .. there maybe good people in this sprawling Muslim vote bank slums but , it is haven for those on the wrong side of the law too.. and it extends from one end towards the encroached Bandra Reclamation grounds known as the Lal Mitti sllums even the pavements have been encroached with makeshift shanties .. This is the worst slum human dwellings in Bandra West ,, the slumdwellers have built additional floors and the rents are steep over Rs 10000 a month most of the tenants are the migrant rickshawalas living 15 in a room..there is no public toilet here so the Grounds ahead are used for defecation ,,, and further ahead is a mound facing Ran…

The Beggar Lady With Two Faces Ajmer Sharif

In my short life as a photographer , I have shot hordes of beggars , but this lady killed my insides the first time I saw her while climbing the mountains barefeet to meet Malang Baba Wahid ,, I took a hasty shot of her , she was in a group that lives in makeshift tents at the mountain foothills ,,
And this was in the dargah lane ,here at Ajmer I think in humility I am the only one shooting the captive souls in wicker baskets , because I cannot afford to buy these souls I shoot them ..I can not sit compose my shots of beggars ,, with the crowds moving in it would be a stampede .and till date no Rajasthani cop has ever provoked me dressed as I am they think I am some crazy Sufi Bawa ,,and than being barefeet I look like a beggar with a stolen camera round my neck.. In Mumbai they would have locked me up as a suspect ,, beaten the shit out of me to tell them where I stole the camera from ,so I wear a press card ,, Internet Photographer No1 and as I dont have a car the cops cant catch m…

Ramzan Aya Musalman Bhikariyon Ke Dil Main Arman Laya

For those of my Friends who dont understand the description of my title in Urdu simply means succinctly that when Ramzan comes it brings hope in the hearts of Beggars .. and here in Mumbai a Muslim beggar is a Muslim beggar , we certainly dont ask them are you Shia or are you Sunni.. this is the beauty of culture etiquette in Indian Islam which we call Adab Tehzeeb.
..Islam is certainly not the same from one continent to the other ..
I will explain that later , and it has nothing to do with my being a Shia I am proud to be an Indian and I am humble as a Shia the Shia was born with Humility inherited from Hussain and Pride was the only essence that crushed Yazid ,, we remember him always but only as accursed , when hear of Shia s killed during Ramazan.
And you cant blame Saudi Arabia for getting ivolved with the Yemen conflict , they had to enter the arena simply to use their American bought weapons that would be obsolete , and honestly , Saudi dont have the balls to fight Israel…

The Ear Cleaners Of Bandra Talao ,,,Cleaning Clogged Ears

Its A Mad Mad World

I was going for my walk.. it was raining it was first of Ramzan, she came out towards me and began shouting at me I looked at her straight in the face she was drenched very angry, I shot her..I knew she would not take it lightly.. but like little kids a few photographers have a Sulaimani keeda too..I moved away after the shot and she followed me ..her words were something like this took my photo shithead ..I avoid confrontations ,, but I cant resist shooting mad people , the madness in me succumbs to the madness in others..and according to my dear departed mother there is a lot of madness in my family..madness can be a form of mundane melancholia or purely creative madness .
I still dont know why I began documenting mad people and I met a lot of them , they came with the rains left their footprints on the emulsion of my soul and they left leaving nothing behind save the pictures I bravely took..
In Hyderabad a madman during Moharam had caught me from the back and would have str…

Shooting The Back lanes Of Rustic Bandra

Bandra has great back lanes Nagrana lane Somnath lane and the rainy ambiance the fresh fragrance of rainy soil add to nostalgia ,,the crosses crucifixes all add the East Indian Ethos , the love of their forefathers that believed in the holistic power of Jesus Christ , he helped them when they went to fish in stormy water , he gave them abundance of fish.. he gave them joy happiness he gave them loaves .
He saved them from cholera , plague and if the Lord heard their prayers the humble East Indian built a Cross and this was his simple life over 150 years back.. the paddy fields , the smiling faces , the chirpy kids , those lazy Sunday siestas ,, those gatherings during baptism , Holy Communion , the clinking of home made tangy wine , those drunken steps of new love ,,,there was no hate , no animosity , no ill will this was the East Indian Gaothan.. a house several houses that became Home ..
And as the century turned , times changed , the Gaothan was invaded by a stream of migrants , a…