Monday, February 18, 2013

Son Carrying His Mother For The Holy Dip At Sangam

My Naga Guru Shree Vijay Giri Maharaj Triveni Panch Dasham Juna Akhada

The Beggar Poet And The Naga Guru Of Juna Akhada

The Beggar Poet And The Naga Guru Of Juna Akhada

The Naga Sadhu And The Beggar Poet

The Call of The Maha Kumbh Allahabad 2013

Maha Kumbh And Digambari Naga Babas

The Naga Babas At Maha Kumbh Allahabad 2013

The Naga Sadhu at Maha Kumbh Allahabad 2013

I have moderated all frontal nudity pictures of the Naga Sadhu adhering to Flickr guidelines , in short I have restricted the view , only Flickr members can see them including the Ling Kriya and penile yoga by my Naga Guru Shree Vijay Giri Maharaj Triveni of Panchdham Juna Akhada.

The Nagas are very humble but do not like being photoraphed and this can provoke them to hit you or smash your camera I shot Italian Naga Sadhus too .

The Naga Sadhus who dont wear clothes at all are known as Digambari Naga Sadhus.

I Document His Faith As My Cultural Inheritance - Jai Shree Ram Jai Jagdambe

The Muslim and The Hindu Are Two Eyes Of Mother India

The Grahst Sadhu.. Sadhu With A Family

He is a Sadhu who had a tent at Sector 5 lived with his family and served the devotees offering prayers for their ancestors art the Sangam..

He had come with his wife and a son daughter in law and grandchildren..

He had Goddess Durga in his tent and was keen I shoot her .. he offered his morning prayers to her .

He was neat clean and kept his tent surroundings clean too.

The Naga Sadhu And The Dam Madar Malang

This Naga Sadhu is known as Bam .. short for Bam Bhole , he smokes the chillum, and has a temple on the Nasik road leading to Shirdi , he is a follower of Sufi Saints too,

Before he became a Naga Sadhu he was a dreaded criminal but gave up all this to help humanity and now leads a life of piety..

He visits Dargahs and loves qawaalis ..he was very good and kind to me but felt offended when I did not share his chillum.. I told him I dont drink smoke or fornicate ...

I Reach Allahabad Sector 5 ..Meet My Guru Bathing in Cold Water

My Naga Guru Shree Vijay Giri Triveni of Panch Dasham Juna Akhada was not living with his Guru at Sector 4 where all the Juna Akhada sadhus had their space ..

He had taken a few tents for his disciples , devotees of Ganga Maiyya at Bhardwaj Seva Ashram run by the Panda Trivedi family .. a comfortable homely place close to the Sangam and the banks of the Ganga .

The other Akhadas too were close to sector 5 home in a tent in transit.

My Guru was very happy to see me.

For The Disabled There Is No Hope In India

A Lady pilgrim being carried on a goods trolley.. the wheelchair had perhaps gone for repairs ..

The Call of The Maha Kumbh

a call
pulls me
my cultural
to which
i belong
life is a melody
a painful song
two banks
of the river
right and wrong
the flesh was
weak the spirit
was strong...
sounds of
within a

The Beggar Poet At LTT Leaving For The Maha Kumbh 11 Feb 2013

I was traveling by the Kamyani Express .. normally I traveled second class but this time because of my weak disposition I took a berth in 2 Tier AC .

Before I reached Allahabad because of the railway tragedy this train was held up for several hours at Maneckpur and Nani and before Allahabad station.. it stopped at places where there was no food .. and no water in the bathroom in my bogey .

Honestly Indian Railways should be given to professionals , this is the most neglected transport sector for pilgrims is total chaos , ans insensitive railway staff,, the outsourcing done on caste perhaps and not merit has created more pain to the Indian or even the foreigner traveler .

These are my views and despite the number of Kumbh specials that hardly eased the flow the overall Indian Railways service is dismal to say the least.

The Maha Kumbh the greatest pilgrim for the Hindus whatever the political loudspeakers say cold be more hospitable and pilgrim endearing.

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Mumbai - A Nightmare In Disguise

My Photo Shooting Grand Daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir

The Maha Kumbh 2013 Allahabad Shahi Snan Basant Panchmi

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This is my new set on Flickr documenting the Maha Kumbh Alahabad 2013.. this picture was shot at 2 am on 15 Feb before we , my guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj Triveni of Panch Dasham Juna Akhada were to set out for the Shahi Snan at the Sangam..where three rivers Ganga Jamuna Saraswati meet .

This was shot in the tent where I stayed with my guru on arriving from Mumbai by the Kamyani Express on 12 Feb it was 7 hours late and Gurus disciple Rajan waited for me and bought me to Sector 5 .

I will divide this set in two parts as I shot a lot of naked Naga Sadhus Digambari .. and will moderate those pictures of the Naga Sadhus and the Shahi Snan to adhere to Flicker guidelines that restricts frontal nudity ..

So unless you are a Flickr member you cannot see these pictures ... the tamer ones will be for public view .. I shot Ling Kriya and penile yoga I shot Hijras taking a bath in the Sangam .. the Hijra pictures can only be seen by my friends on Flickr.. Sorry.

I took the Holy Dip on Shahi Snan too, after my Naga Guru a moment of spiritual exhilaration and I shot some great Mahants Sants and Mystics ...I shot a lot , but on Shahi Snan dressed as a Hindu I shot the Naga procession , the Naga mud bath in the safe protection of my Naga Guru.

All my pictures are a story board starting from my journey in Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Station Kurla .. till my departure from Allahabad on Duranto Express yesterday .. I waited 7 hours in the AC waiting room for my train..but not before helping my Guru with loading the stuff fro the road to the station in heavy rains ..

Vehicles could not enter the station at was real bad situation and honestly we can host Asian Olympics but lack the professional integrity to hold a Maha Kumbh .. and less said about disaster management the better at the Kumbh Mela site it was a filthy dirty environment no internet access and thanks only to the Akhadas there was some semblance of order barring the fire in one of the Akhadas.

My pictures are my personal poetry , shot of my cultural inheritance and it was a real experience I think whatever your caste creed or religiosity..seeing the Maha Kumbh once in a lifetime is a must.. to understand Indian ethos and Hope Hindutva as a message of Humanity and Universal Peace .

I was lauded for shooting documenting this great moment and gifted a bouquet of roses by His Holiness Chandraswamiji of Vishwa Dharmayatan Sanathanand his disciple Sant Chetan Vaidyaji was kind enough to introduce me to the great man.

dr glenn and zinnia fatima

dr glenn and zinnia fatima

muslim slum areas are devoid of hope

muslim slum areas are devoid of hope

man and dog

glenn losack shoots ...

said the dog to me i am lucky i was not born as man

my fate
on 4 legs
i stand
unlike man
on two legs
called an animal
to my clan
man corrupt
a rogue
in a cosmic
plan.. man
born as husk

I am catching up on my backlog after returning from the maha kumbh

newspapers tell the maximum lies ..

life sucks- the world is an advertisement that sells stolen dreams

learning to shoot reality from a master of dreams

living on the street .. a cosmic fate fuckin cheat

who the fuck is shooting us now ...

this is my skin.. brown from out white from within

mahim dargah lane and losack

shooting the pain of beggars - this american man

shooting the pain of beggars - this american man

gandu kachra raste par mat phek..

gandu kachra raste par mat phek..

i am silence like death on a facebook wall..

paid news is what sells ...they shoot bloggers is all i can tell

how you shoot describes the pathos poetry of your photography

glenn losack will remember memories of mahim.. a fleeting dream

dont - please dont share my pain with others ...only in name my rich conceited muslim brothers

i am 90 years old,,,

our world died before it was born..we are the untouchables - the scorned

brother wake up time to beg,,

i hope to die under a tree of pain punishment i lie

lifestyle of pain - bound to a chain..i am unable seeking cane