Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You Possess Shiva Parvati and Ganesh He Tells Me

The parrot picked up three cards and each had a deity as part of my luck, Shiva Parvati and Ganesh..and so I continue as a Muslim blogger with a thread I call Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace and Humanity .

The Parrot Astrologer On The Streets of Latur

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I had my fate read by the choice of cards that this parrot picked up and the astrologer read my future , he said my good times have started , my health will improve , I will get married soon and be a father of 4 kids .
I did not tell him I am already hooked and booked and overcooked in marital brine pickled and sauced.

He said I will be soon visiting America to meet a blood relation , and the only blood relation I have in New York Manhattan is my cousin Dr Glenn Losack MD

I gave the astrologers parrot some money and he continued that with the money I will be making soon I will be able to afford slippers and would not need to go barefeet anymore.

He whispered in my ears that mot of the powerful politicians from Latur call him to their house and take his parrots advise , his parrot he told me had made one of them a CM of Maharashtra another was a Governor and he was very confident he said there would be soon a very young CM from Latur too..

He of course told me that Riteish Deshmukh of Latur might enter the Big Boss house and teach Dolly Bindra some homily ethics and manners as she thinks she is still play acting and forgets that little children watch all this drama of goondagiri on their TV sets .. on prime national time.

The Big Boss show is the greatest insult to the dumb intellect of the Indian man woman and child.

And the Big Boss show is not imparting values or traditions or education it is the greatest curse on the soul of our Nationality.

Fuck the Pakistanis artistes but it is our Indians who put us to shame too.

I hope Mr Aditya Thackeray of Yuva Sena is reading this blog too..he should scrap the telecast of this show more urgently than Rohinton Mistrys book.. which is far too tame than the crude crass antics in Big Boss house ..

And for once I feel sorry for Mr Salman Khan.. this is one phuski bomb that hits him hard on his face .. with Da Bang

In India The Only Peaceloving People Are Beggars

16 Paths One Road To Peace Golai Latur

Hum Intezar Karenge

Hum Intezar Karenge

Firoze Shakir In The Homily City of Latur

The Barefeet Blogger In Latur

Worlds Famous Pan of Latur

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gives you a
spiritual high
makes your lips
red and crimson
for sure
latur pan
delicious and pure
holistically healing
a must for every cure
latur pan life endures
latur pan green fresh
democratically for all
the rich and the poor
beyond caste color
or religiosity latur pan
sound and secure
at ganj golai in the
pan market
you procure
this musim
panwala considers
vilasrao deshmukh saab
his city's only savior
who gave this city
its wealth and grandeur
they hope pray earnestly
he becomes the CM again
begins a new tenure
latur a congress I
trusted stronghold
madame soniaji
they assure
hope on a brochure
fast developing
healthy and mature
the city of latur
where fate bought me
with the blessings of
jai jagdamba
to showcase
my humble
soul enhancing
culture as couture
i am
lucky i took
this predestined

la tur
pour moi
la premiere amour

The Essence of Jai Jagdamba Golai Latur

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Jabdamba means the Universal Mother or the Mother Goddess. The Goddess Jagdamba in the Hindu religion is considered to be one of the manifestations of the Goddess Durga, who is worshipped in various forms.
The Aarti of Jagdamba is recited to free yourself from the material troubles which surround you.

Aarti Kije Shail Suta Ki Jagdambaji ki,
Aarti Kije…
Sneh Sudha Sukh Sundar Lije,Jinke Naam Let Drig Bhije l
Aisi Vah Maataa Vasudhaa Ki ll
Aarti Kije Shail Suta Ki Jagdambaji ki,
Aarti Kije….
Paap Vinaashinii Kali Maal Haarinii, Dayaamayii Bhavsaagar Taarinii
Shastra Dhaarinii Shail Vihaarini, Budhiraashi Ganpati Maata Ki ll
Aarti Kije Shail Suta Ki Jagdambaji ki,
Aarti Kije….
Sinhavaahini Maatu Bhavaani, Gaurav Gaan Karen Jag Praani
Shiv Ke Hridyaasan Ki Raani, Kare Aarti Mil Jul Taaki ll
Aarti Kije Shail Suta Ki Jagdambaji ki,
Aarti Kije….

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Please Dont Shoot My Picture -Dignity In Child Labor

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he follows the business of his family
young he is into trade with
what he earns his family he aids
its true he does not beg at street corners
made in india grit determination
unafraid garam masala seller of latur
hope in wintry shade

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