Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Passion Called Bandra ..My 6.97 km walk today .

I had a gruelling session of Tennis ..My friend Fabian Namory presented a cake baked by him to our coach Mr Surendra Pawar .
Fabian has baked a special cake for my grandkids too.
From the tennis courts I took the back lanes of Bandra exited at Jeff Caterers and walked till Turner Road from Turner Road to Carter Road I had a sprout soup and here I met a couple an English lady and an Irish guy they are installing a snow weather station at Carter Road I shot their video I met my dear friend Minaz Khan completed my Carter Road walk and moved onwards to Chimbai than Waroda Road and at Bazar road met a Swedish lady Malini she was video shooting the Bazar for Swedish TV ..I showed her the 16 century grotto heritage of the East Indians my wife was in the Bazar so I introduced Malini to her we exchanged numbers and I told her I would help her shoot the Bazar.
But I forgot to show her our world famous Bandra Bazar Garbage Dump.
It took me 2 hours 33 minutes to complete 6.97 km .
And I have almost succeeded in controlling my blood sugar fasting and PP
92 fasting 120 PP