Monday, November 4, 2013

The Greatest Curse On The Streets Are These Young Bike Riders ,,, With No Sense Of Safety For Themselves Or Others

And none but their parents are to blame ,,, these are Maharashtrian kids the Muslim kids are the worst of the lot.. this should be banned on the roads including stunts on motor bikes in public places , flyovers etc..

Would You Wish The Holy Prophet PBUH Naya Sal Mubarak On Moharam

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If someone loses his loved one can we wish him happiness , so we Shias consider the New Years greetings sent to us by others an Insult ,..and humiliation of our Love For Hussain Grandson of The Holy Prophet PBUH ... who was brutally murdered by Muslims and lost his family under the despotic accursed despicable tyrant Yazid Caliph of the Umayad Dynasty..

Ro Ro Ke Nabi [ saww] hotay hain behal Mubarak?
Barbad Moharam main hue Aal [saww] Mubarak?
Dam Tum Main Agar Hai Toh
Mohammed [saww ]se bhi kehdo
Hussain [as] huey katl
Naya Sal Mubarak

couplet sent to me by a friend in Dubai

Moharam for us Shias is a day of Mourning because the Prophet PBUH favorite grandson was brutally murdered and so we commemorate this month as the martyrdom of Imam Hussain .. it continues in India for 2 month eight days we wear black clothes , we mourn, we do matam and give pursa to the bereaved Daughter Princess Fatima .. the Holy Prophets daughter ..who was married to his cousin Imam Ali .. this explanation for for my Non Muslim friends .. rest you can Google Search ,,

Marziyas New Fish Tank..

Marziya my grand daughter had gone with her family to Mahableshwar,, I have gifted her a four feet fish tank is custom made , and my entire day has gone setting it up..the cover will come later ,,

Marziyas New Fish Tank..

This tank is 12 mm glass and Shahid tank maker from Kurla East came home with the glass and set it up, the wrought iron stand was made by my friend Ayub bhai from can hold two tanks of 4 feet..
I will now sell Marziyas old 32 inch 10 mm tank on OLX...