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Muslim Beggars The Lord God Forgot

Muslim Beggars The Lord God Forgot, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,372 items / 1,181,208 views

in the web of
womanly despair
i caught
muslim beggar
outside gods
spiritual mansion
as they beg and rot
the soul of
peace and brotherhood
only motherhood
shamed to
a lonely slot
as the muezzin calls
allah ho akbar
within an earshot
bombing mosques
killing innocent people
a new murderous jihad
eunuch silence
burning minarets
not an american
or a jewish plot
muslims lustfully
love killing muslims
another one bites
the dust while
another one
gets shot
we breed
suicide bombers
prolifically putting
the soul of Islam
in a spot
the unborn child
on the threshold of life
trembling shivering
with fear as a blood clot
bleeding scriptures
mangled corpses
a pleading
skull cap
giving testimony
on the dead body
of a tiny tot

For Fuck Sake Read My Profile Before You Add Me As A Contact On Flickr

For Fuck Sake Read My Profile Before You Add Me As A Contact On Flickr, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,372 items / 1,180,911 views

I relive a nightmare every time I log into Flickr where all my blogs poems street pictures originate.

As a person like many of you I have my likes dislikes preferences and what I shoot is not what I like but I shoot it all the same I shoot culture rituals customs that are part of the crucible of peace in the land I live in India the place of my birth and heritage.

I dont ridicule the people I shoot or insult their ancestry or religiosity and I dont shoot porn or filth, it is not necessary I shoot only what you like , my account is marked SAFE by Flickr management and the buck stops there.

I shoot Shiasm although I am a Shia Muslim but if you are watching my pictures than see them as a part of religious photo journalism.. It matters not whether you like Shia or consider them infidels that is your personal prerogative I wont change.

Be h…

President Obama At Holy Name High School Mumbai

President Obama At Holy Name High School Mumbai, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,371 items / 1,180,601 views

152,371 items / 1,180,601 views

dancing with the kids
to the tune of a koli song
obama with two left feet
michelle more fluid
as she moved along
to the beats of
hope and humanity
making two nations
brave and strong
a bond of peace
prosperity this diwali
auspicious all along
a world without borders
to which as humans
we belong a path
of freedom truth justice
liberty equality
always right
never wrong

an after thought
as a cosmic poet
i prolong

obama makes the word dance to his tune
a message of power of politics headlong
two right feat a power greater than king kong

Holy Name High School Colaba

Holy Name High School Colaba, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,370 items / 1,180,519 views

not campion
not cathedral
john conon
nor st marys
instead president
obama chose
holy name high school
a thought boastful
a trip useful
of an educational
modest module
the gods thankful
sweet memories
of an alma mater
moment relived
like a magical film
on the soul
of lost childhood
as it unspools
from the drain of life
into the whirlpool
time and tide
awakening the soul
as poetic gruel
calisthenics of a
karmic mind
uber cool
the ghost
of fr f x fernandes
watching the kids
as they break
some more rules
walk dont run
in a tinpot school
outside the classrom
of mrs menezes
sanding on a stool
the wise dumb and the fool