Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Magical Art of Street Photography By Firoze Shakir Part 1

Tennis Under The Most Humble Coach ..Mr Surendra Pawar Bandra

Tennis Under Coach Surendra Pawar 2 Shot by Tennis Malang Firoze Shakir

Death watches you as you age ,,helplessly in your fleshy cage

once you were young
robust self dependent
self reliant .a rockstar
on the stage .than came
the twilight years fate
merciless on a rampage
as you sat in your corner
time havoc waged born
in a claustrophobic womb
you will be laid in your grave
unceremoniously encaged
devoid of anger lust or rage
in a book of life you were just
a torn tattered page ..

a visual poet
a beggar poet
struggling to find
his way out of
this worldly maze
an old monk
posing as a sage
soliloquy of pain
humanly bears
the outrage


Tennis Under Coach Surendra Pawar Bandra Shot by Firoze Shakir Tenni...

Street Photography 1 By Firoze Shakir Visual Poet

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Nation Wants To Know Why Gau Rakshaks Are Not Being Sent To Maoist Insurgent Areas

Jab Desh Par Hota Hai Atyachar Kuch Nahi Kar Pati Waqt Ki Sarkar Hamare Whan Bhejen Woh Karen Ge Dushmanon Par Lathicharge

Maoist Attack

599 Urus of Zinda Shah Madar 2016 3 Shot by Firoze Shakir

599 Urus of Zinda Shah Madar 2016 2 Shot by Firoze Shakir

Gau Rakshaks The Killing Game

Hooliganism extortion
in the name of misplaced
cow protection
giving our country a
very bad name
taking law and order
in their hands their only
notoriety to fame
the supreme leader
remains silent ..
is it because Pehlu Khan
is the victims name
who really is to blame
you too kept silent
pillaging the soul of
humanity when they
came ..our Indiannes
they shamed
only killing those with
a Muslim surname

a moment in flames

unprotected woman
a well protected buffalo
in the same frame

599 Urus of Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur 1 2016 Shot by Firoze Shakir

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chadiyan Walk Delhi To Ajmer Amer Fort 12 A Shot By Firoze Shakir

Azan Jo Karti Hai Hamare Sonu Nigam ji ko Pareshan Jai Bharat Jai Hindus...

Please stop trolling Mr Sonu Nigam

It was too much cola and rum

Wrong PR suggestion to bring alive

his career he got enough kicks on

his pompous pedantic bum

he has moved away from

the cacophony of his musical

background reverberating drums

he will never in his life forget

the soothing strains of the Azan

from the Mosque in the neighboring

slums ....his heart was willing but

his commercial soul went numb

please dont blame him for being

Deafer Duffer And Dumb..

Loudspeakers should be banned

All over India make it rule of Thumb

Ali Dam Ali Dam Ali Dam

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter To All My Friends May The Good Days In Your Life Never End

Greetings of Peace
Hope Harmony
To you your loved
Ones I send ,,
May the Lord
Shower you
With his Blessings
Your Life Extend
For those of you
who are always
Single I wish you
a Good Girlfriend
I poem I have
 'hastily penned
To those beautiful
Single women on
My Timeline I wish
You a nice cool
loving cuddly
To those who
wish to remain
Single all their
Life broken fence
only God can mend
Love cannot be hired
Love you cannot borrow
or Lend ..Be Happy
Be Contend ..
Remember Uncle
Trumps Mother of
All Bombs as Gift to
Humanity a Gift
I cannot comprehend
Killing the unborn child
the latest trend
A Weapon of Mass
Destruction that was
Certainty not God sent

With Love To All
Malice to  none
The Latin Mass
This Muslim Man
Will wholeheartedly
Attend ..

beatus pascha
let us all into one
family blend

Peace ..

Ps New Blogger Templates Suck..Reverting to the Old One

Chadiyan Walk Delhi To Ajmer 10 A Shot by Malang Firoze Shakir