Monday, August 24, 2009

Where There Is Darkness ....

Vakrtund Mahakaya Surya Koti Samaprabha |
Nirbhignam Kurumedaya Sarva Karyashu Sarvada |

where there is darkness
he gives hope
a divine intervention
to a brighter future
beyond the reams
of you astral horoscope
Lalbagh Cha Raja
to a drowning man
not just a straw
but a life saving rope
a beacon of light
that in despair
you need not grope
removing all obstacles
giving you more scope
that you can easily walk
life's precarious
whatever the dangers
as a man you cope
your karmic consciousness
cleaned with a divine soap

dedicated to raju langewal

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Thanks to all of you..

Prof BW Jatkar Remembered

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still connected to us
through memories
that live
much knowledge
to us you did give
you were human
our faults
our shortcomings
you did forgive

today though
you are no more
with us jatkar saab
in our hearts you relive

Barefeet Blogger at the Court of the King of Kings

Lalbagh Cha Raja Up Close

Shooting Lalbagh Cha Raja 2009

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The crowds are restless, hot tempered, looking for a fight, having waited hours to get in through a serpentine wait in the rains, in the heat and dust.
So seeing me shooting some wanted me to finish and move out as I was in their way, ahead of me was a barricade that I crossed once to meet Raju Langewal who had invited me to shoot ..I also shot the crowd that soothed their excitement, some wondered who this colorful barefeet blogger was, in Mumbai very few people know what a blogger is..I talk strictly at the grass root level ..

Women here I found were really aggressive and the few stood tamely, there were many scenes of scuffles, but otherwise almost everyone was here to partake in this omnipotent moment of Mumbai street spirituality, this place is a street on normal day with provision shops on both ends.. this is a path that leads to the Lalbagh Cha Mandir.. in the complex.

The most imotrtant feeling that I absorbed was waiting for sevearalhours in the quque and finally getting a look or darshan of the Lord.

I could not stop shooting and I was fasting I was barefeet , but I was a part of this moment a precious moment of recording the Moods of Lalbagh Cha Raja.

I thought of collecting some prasad for my Hindu friends , but it was just not possible being pushed from all sides, my feet trampled and my body crushed by the crowds..

The volunteers of Lalbagh Cha Raja are people from the complex , from around the vicinity, very hardworking , polite and cool , though some lose their heads , otherwise I take my hats off to them for the noble work they do..

Mr Satish Khanjkar is the new head of the Mandal..I could not see the older one Mr Sunil Joshi.. The Mumbai Police were doing an excellent job.. security was tight but had a human face..

Even the cops close to the pandal were having darshan of the favorite Lord..The greatest Mee Mumbaikar after all.

Lalbagh Cha Raja 2009

Lalbagh Cha Raja 2009

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Ganesha Shlokas
Mon, 09/08/2008 - 17:08 — asha
108 Names of Lord Ganesha and the meanings

1. Akhurath: One who has mouse as his charioteer
2. Alampata : Ever eternal lord
3. Amit : Incomparable lord
4. Anantachidrupamayam: Infinite and consciousness personified
5. Avaneesh: Lord of the whole world
6. Avighna: Remover of obstacles
7. Balaganapati: Beloved and lovable child
8. Bhalchandra: Moon-crested lord
9. Bheema: Huge and Gigantic
10. Bhupati: Lord of the gods
11. Bhuvanpati: God of the gods
12. Buddhinath: God of wisdom
13. Budhipriya: Knowledge bestower
14. Bhudhividhata: God of knowledge
15. Chaturbhuj: One who has four arms
16. Devadeva: Lord of all lords
17. Devantakanashakarin: Destroyer of evils and asuras
18. Devarata: One who accepts all gods
19. Devendrashika: Protector of all gods
20. Dharmik: One who gives charity
21. Dhoomravarna: Smoke-Hued lord
22. Durja: Invincible lord
23. Dvaimatura: One who has two mothers
24. Ekaakshara: He of the single syllable
25. Ekadanta: Single-Tusked lord
26. Ekadrishta: Single-Tusked lord
27. Eshanputra: Lord Shiva's son
28. Gadadhara: One who has the mace as his weapon
29. Gajakarna: One who has eyes like an elephant
30. Gajanana: Elephant-Faced lord
31. Gajananeti: Elephant-Faced lord
32. Gajavakra: Trunk of the elephant
33. Gajavaktra: One who has mouth like an elephant
34. Ganadhakshya: Lord of all Ganas (Gods)
35. Ganadhyakshina: Leader of all the celestial bodies
36. Ganapati: Lord of all Ganas (Gods)
37. Gaurisuta: The son of Gauri (Parvati)
38. Gunina: One who is the master of all virtues
39. Haridra: One who is golden coloured
40. Heramba: Mother's Beloved son
41. Kapila: Yellowish-Brown coloured
42. Kaveesha: Master of poets
43. Krti: Lord of music
44. Kripalu: Merciful lord
45. Krishapingaksha: Yellowish-Brown eyed
46. Kshamakaram: The place of forgiveness
47. Kshipra: One who is easy to appease
48. Lambakarna: Large-Eared lords
49. Lambodara: The huge bellied lord
50. Mahabala: Enormously strong lord
51. Mahaganpati: Omnipotent and supreme lord
52. Maheshwaram: Lord of the universe
53. Mangalamurti: All auspicious lord
54. Manomay: Winner of hearts
55. Mrityunjaya: Conqueror of death
56. Mundakarama: Abode of happiness
57. Muktidaya: Bestower of eternal bliss
58. Mushikvahana: One who has mouse as charioteer
59. Nadapratithishta: One who appreciates and loves music
60. Namasthetu: Vanquisher of all evils and vices and sins
61. Nandana: Lord Shiva's son
62. Nideeshwaram: Giver of wealth and treasures
63. Omkara: One who has the form of OM
64. Pitambara: One who has yellow-colored body
65. Pramoda: Lord of all abodes
66. Prathameshwara: First among all
67. Purush: The omnipotent personality
68. Rakta: One who has red-colored body
69. Rudrapriya: Beloved of lord Shiva
70. Sarvadevatman: Acceptor of all celestial offerings
71. Sarvasiddanta: Bestower of skills and wisdom
72. Sarvatman: Protector of the universe
73. Shambhavi: The son of Parvati
74. Shashivarnam: One who has a moon like complexion
75. Shoorpakarna: Large-eared Lord
76. Shuban: All auspicious lord
77. Shubhagunakanan: One who is the master of all virtues
78. Shweta: One who is as pure as the white colour
79. Siddhidhata: Bestower of success and accomplishments
80. Siddhipriya: Bestower of wishes and boons
81. Siddhivinayak: Bestower of success
82. Skandapurvaja: Elder brother of Skanda (Lord Kartik)
83. Sumukha: Auspicious face
84. Sureshwaram: Lord of all lords
85. Swaroop: Lover of beauty
86. Tarun: Ageless
87. Uddanda: Nemesis of evils and vices
88. Umaputra: The son of goddess Uma (Parvati)
89. Vakratunda: Curved trunk lord
90. Varaganapati: Bestower of boons
91. Varaprada: Granter of wishes and boons
92. Varadavinayaka: Bestower of Success
93. Veeraganapati: Heroic lord
94. Vidyavaridhi: God of wisdom
95. Vighnahara: Remover of obstacles
96. Vignaharta: Demolisher of obstacles
97. Vighnaraja: Lord of all hindrances
98. Vighnarajendra: Lord of all obstacles
99. Vighnavinashanaya: Destroyer of all obstacles and impediments
100. Vigneshwara: Lord of all obstacles
101. Vikat: Huge and gigantic
102. Vinayaka: Lord of all
103. Vishwamukha: Master of the universe
104. Vishwaraja: King of the world
105. Yagnakaya: Acceptor of all sacred and sacrificial offerings
106. Yashaskaram: Bestower of fame and fortune
107. Yashvasin: Beloved and ever popular lord
108. Yogadhipa: The lord of meditation


Shloka 1
Suklam baratharam vishnum sasivarnam sathurbujam
Prasanna vadanam dyayeth sarva vignoba santhaye

Shloka 2
Vakra thunda maha kaya soorya koti sama praba
Nirvignam kurume deva sarva kaaryeshu sarvadha

Shloka 3
Gajananam, Bhootha Ganaathi Sevitham,
Kavitha Jambu Manasara Bakshitham
Uma sutham, shoka vinaasa haaranam,
Namaami Vigneshwara, paada pankajam

Shloka 4
Agajaanana padmaarkam gajanana maharnisam
Anekadham dham bhakthanam ekadhantham upasmahe
Mooshika Vahana Modhaga Hasta
Shyamala Karna Vilambitha Sutra
Vamana Rupa Maheshwara Putra
Vigna Vinayaka Pada Namaste

Lalbagh Cha Raja 2009