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Street Learning Poor Kids

I posted a comment on a friends post at Facebook  that I am copying here , he has a local paper that is doing exemplary work on Bandra ,,

I was wondering so called Muslim kids , educated , savvy should take out time and tutor poor kids in the pre dominantly poor slums , where mothers go to work at houses of the rich, father drives the ricksha , but alas no one has time for such meritorious concerns , the Muslim politicos the super rich never built a school on the lines of Fr Agnel where every poor student irrespective of his religion could learn some trade , and ironically if they build it it will be a Madrsa only for their community , when will we come of this Mousetrap ,,and the top lines I wrote is in keeping with the spirit of Ramzan ..voices like ours sadly will not be found in your paper too, as you have to survive and you need all the political support patronage , I hope you understand my feelings I am not just a photographer poet stylist but also a product of a convent school…

Jesus In The Rains ,, He Keeps Silent While The Whole World Complains

These are the few iconic crosses crucifix at Bandra Bazar Road, most of these Crosses were placed in gratitude by the East Indians for the bounties they received from the Lord , for saving them and their family from the Great Plague .

And these relics are centuries old , adding to the inherent charm of the East Indian commune known as Gaothans fishing villages , which had their Parish close by , and fields stretched as far as eye can see .

But good dreams turn into nightmare , thanks to the lust of money power greed , most of these ancient homes were usurped from the East Indians pushing them out into the distant suburbs of Uttan Nalla Sopara.

For a short while I stayed at Veronica Road as tenant and it was a lucky place belonging to Agnes , after we moved out Preity Zinta came to stay here , it was perhaps much luckier for her than us.

And now Bandra has adopted us we have been living in the Bandra Bazar gaothan for many years now , it has become a part of us , and when  something h…

2nd Death Anniversary Mr Rajesh Khanna 18 July 2014

18 July 2014

I got a call from Bala that I was invited to a very private puja at Ashirwad Carter Road , in the memory of Mr Rajesh Khanna in remembrance of his second death anniversary by Ms Dimple Kapadia.

This was a strictly private affair with Dimpleji  at the helm and her very close family friends , her daughter Twinkle Khanna Arav and Nitara her grandkids.

Bala had strictly told me not to shoot pictures but this one I requested her for Mr Rajesh Khanna  fans and friends , Dimpleji thought for a moment and allowed me to take this shot , after seeing it on my camera monitor.

The prasad was huge giant Dahi puri , and I took her leave remembering all the moments I had spent here with my grand children in this house of Dreams.

Remembering Mr Rajesh Khanna Second Death Anniversary

".When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a wonderful treasure to always hold in your heart miss you forever & always."

Today is Kakaji second death anniversary,, I had met Bala a few days back wanting to know if there was any event by the family in his Memory ,but he was clueless .

And Death sometimes brings you closer to the people you knew who passed away ,, and every death for those who lost their dear departed is untimely ,

Kakaji had great dreams for me , and now I confess he was very unhappy that I had taken up a job , and was no more independent , it hit him hard ,but the money was good and I had to pay off some debts , and I still owe friends a thought that berates and kills me ,

He asked me time and again to leave the job , and was sure my good times would return , I did leave the job after Kakaji passed away..

And I have no regrets as I was like a bird with clipped wings in a gilded cage .

My grand daughters , he did touch them earnestly ,…

I complete 300,032 Photo Blogs At Flickr . I began blogging at Flickr since June 2007

Thanks to Flickr for giving me this platform and thank you my Flickr friends followers  and all you esteemed viewers ,,

Without your encouragement comments , guidance love it would have not been possible

Allaahummal'an Qatalatal Ameeril Momeneen 21 Ramzan Martyrdom of Imam Ali

Every year I used to shoot this sad event the ruthless murder of Imam Ali in a mosque celebrated as a painful memory by the Shias all over the world and in Mumbai at Zainabia in the wee hours of the morning  of 21 Ramzan.

A replica of his coffin called the Taboot is placed in the hall and prayers duas are offered by the ladies and the gents.

Later there is short majlis once the majlis gets over the Taboot moves around the hall and exists out into the streets where hardcore zanjir matam kama matam and sword matam take place and a lot of anjumans groups participate with hand matam  till the procession finally moves to the Iranian Moghul Majid where all this comes to an end.

This is a complete series at my Flickr a story board of moving images of pain and sadness of the Shia community..

However I have stopped shooting Shia segments in Mumbai completely due to personal reasons and the hooliganism that exists among a few Shia youth of Mumbai..

I vowed never to participa…