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Seva Mandals Lord GSB .. The Lord Of All Good Things

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To my very dear cherished friends from the erstwhile GSB community a community well known for its social service and its contribution to human society beyond color caste or creed ,,
In some time I will be presenting you a small gift of my humility for the love you have shown me year after year at the GSB Lord Ganesha festival.
From Dr Pai the good doctor who introduced me to Lord GSB his family to my dear departed friend Mr Dinesh Pai his thought even now brings tears to my eyes he loved me immensely and I am crying now ,, I only hope and pray this love between a Hindu and a Muslim could reach the hearts of people in Dadri and Muzzafarnagar life would be worth living ,,
As a Muslim I dont carry my religion as a badge on my chest ,, my religion of peace brotherhood tolerance lies deep inside and bequeathed to me by my Shia mother ,,,I am my mother ,, and that is why I shoot my cultural inheritance God gave me a camera eye ,, I use it for promoting Hindu Muslim …

Pablo Bartholomew 60/60 Inauguration Sakshi Art Gallery Colaba

Documenting The Irresistible Charm And Mysticism Of The Hijras At Ajmer

I have been shooting the hijra ethnicity for many years now I shoot them for myself ,,and I have a great bond with most of them ,.but it remains ephemeral and transitional..
Once I return from Ajmer the moments are lost forever I never call them I have their numbers ..I only shoot ,,,demystify their captured souls like women genies in a thick glass bottle .
But this documentary shot upclose necessitated the faith trust of the hijras in me not only as a photographer but as a person too..
Sadly I locked up this documentation one of its kind at Flickr from public view ,,,
Now I am posting videos and images some of them as slide shows ..
The hijra pictures did not come easy I sometimes had to invoke the generosity of the Gurus but once I became a Malang it became much easier as most of them know Syed Masoom Ali Baba ,,the head of my order of the Dam Madar Malangs ,
I have shot boys pretty boys who got initiated as hijras ,,,I have also shot the initiation of a hijra at the defunct Hijra …

Facebook Update ,, My Fucked Cosmic Fate

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I dont poke people at all
I dont ever post shit on other
peoples wall I dont fuckin tag
people i find this a personal assault
I dont add people to groups lol
I respect the sanctity of your timeline
your privacy ,,i always read your messages
return your calls ,,,No I dont add any more friends
on Facebook.. less is more easy to handle
all in all.. I post original content I dont post porn.
I stay away from Barbie dolls ,, no I dont want to
be honey trapped ,,a languishing libido says it all.

Now call me by any name but I wont hold it against you at all
I am a Hindu a Muslim a Sunni A Shia A Christian A Parsi
A Dalit ,,a Buddhist .Om Mani Padme Hoon...but a hardcore profile says it all...

Says Rumi God gave you Wings why the Fuck do you want to Crawl .

Hijras At Ajmer Qawali And Sandal 2016