Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Modijis Swach Bharat Fails At Bandra Bazar Road

The Facebook Poke

The quintessentially
beautiful diva
A flame fire without
smoke ..sensually
Exciting my libido
I thought I would
Try to encroach
With the eponymous
Facebook poke
But mind you
She is rich desirable
While I am an old oak
But one death wish
To date her at Good
Luck Irani restaurant
Before I choke ..
A beggar poet
Dreamless Fucked
Always broke ..
Been on hard drinks
Hash ganja but never
On Coke ..
If she accepts my
Invitation I am scared
Before I touch her
I might just die of a
Stroke ...
No I politely refuse to bed
72 nubile virgins in Parlok
Meandering poetically
A phone call from her
All of me awoke
No I was tongue tied speechless
I listened while she spoke ..
She is from Bukina Faso
Her father died in a plane crash
Leaving her a few million dollars
My ass got sore I told Bitch
Fuck of Who're I shut the dreams
Windows and doors ..I banged my
Head against the floor no more
Pokes on Facebook sphincter
Tore ...I got back to my Fucked
Domestic Chores ...

Tennis Under Coach Surendra Pawar In The Rains At Bandra

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