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Yes I am Human..

Yes I am Human.., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I appreciate all your comments on this Maryamma 2009 set at Flickr of over 450 images shot in 2 hours, , and after I have posted all this , I shall lock up the comment box, not because I dont like your comments , I do it simply because I know some people may find this injurious to their sensibilities, to their faith.

I shot this as a pictorial subject and I cannot be prejudgemental to somebody's culture or rituals that are part of their spiritual ancestry..and spiritual heritage.

This is sacrifice but differs from the Muslim Qurbani, this is in answer to a comment earlier..the Muslim Qurbani or sacrifice is performed keeping a tenet called Halal..the animal neck is cut with compassion.. only such meat is edible for Muslims or else it is considered Haram, in local lingo it called Jhatka which is not allowed in Islam.

But as a photographer I shot truthfully, I have a great respect for the Tamil Hindu community, I ha…