Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If Everybody Shoots Beautiful Things Who Will Shoot Beggars

We all see life differently through the prism of our consciousness some love to shoot lovely things and there is nothing to be critical about what they like and why they shoot only that .
I dont sell my pictures photography is not my profession and it is a poetic hobby , and I am less photography more blog.

I am a senior citizen I have seen life inside out I am a vessel that accumulates pain filters it through the camera and than shares it across the Internet ..I am not rich I shoot with a simple camera  both my cameras are gifts from a patron saint ,, he wanted me to shoot his people and I do.

These are pictures I shot in 2010 during the Ajmer Urus and this was shot when I walked barefeer up the Taragah mountains to visit a Holy Shrine ..and this rugged path is littered with sharp edged rocks and beggars .. beggars you will never see elsewhere .. I am tweaking my old color shots as BW via Aviary editing tool adding fresh poetry of Life .

This guy is a human dog , and his life is neither man nor dog.. he walks up and down the mountain path begging..I had an interesting conversation with him.. He asked me what I would do with his picture .. I told him I wanted to show the rest of the world his story of pain..

All he said was Kisko Time Hasi Sahab  which means who has time to listen to a beggars story.I did not say a word , I handed him a bunch of notes and moved away.. but he said something when I gave him the money ,, Why Dont you buy a pair of slippers my feet were bleeding ,, I told him I was a beggar too like him,, we begged differently .

Ajmer once a year during the Urus for me is not just a spiritual trek but a catharsis I refuel I cleanse the morbidity of my slowly dying soul.

I am not a photographer .
I am not a skilled poet
I am not a organized writer

I am the shadow of my eternal pain.. If God gave me a lot of money I paid off my friends creditors I would die of gluttony ..why do I need more money.. I will be leaving everything behind ,, like this beggar walking on four legs towards the tragic end of my deleted dreams.

This series of Taragadh images still grows on me ,,

Thank You Flickr Customer Care .. For Being Fair

Hello firoze shakir photographerno1,

Thank you for contacting Flickr Member Support.
We appreciate you taking the time to bring your account in
line with the Flickr Community Guidelines. Your account has
been classified as "public"/"safe". Please keep the Flickr
Community Guidelines in mind in the future.

A Beggar Poet Died Of Flickr Overdose

a chapter by his untimely
passing away now shut
closed .
this is the obituary of
a beggar poet firoze
tears on the soul of
his poetry a cyber god
froze lying out there
in deathly throes
a man watches him
while feeding the crows
be nice to people on
your way up as you
meet them down below
death angelic in her
daintiness has added
on the face of incongruity
a spectral glow as the rains
lash furiously as the winds
blow .when you die you
leave everything behind
beneath your nakedness
you have nothing to show
your friends remember you
but you are comatose
locked poetry captive prose

think flickr think you robbed a
poet of his humility his humanity
you stole his honor when you
robbed his last pair of clothes

dedicated to mr thomas hawk a great teacher guru
waving out to me from a bridge up close ,,as angel
gabriel took away the beggar poets soul shut the doors

As A Prolific Flickr Street Photographer My Images Hit The Ceiling

i am locked up
the beggar poet
his dog named
boo held restricted
in a wild animals
cage at flickr
profiled defiled
it is true ..
a photographer
who behind the
cosmic camera
is muslim hindu
christian buddhist
jew but robots at
flickr unceremoniously
got me screwed .. report
abuse on images of
a beggar poet ,, blood drew
you have to be flickr member
before my pictures can be
seen by you ,, to all my
friends well wishers
 supporters followers
a very big thank you ...

My Broken Wing.. At Flickr I Shall No More Sing

i refuse to be 

a profiled defiled

puppet on the 

string i was born 

shall never be a 

slave to any king 

master of the 

cosmic ring 

a beggar poet 

with a broken wing 

destiny doomed 

out of sync



flickr is a robot 

how do i make 

flickr think..

Think Flickr Think

Think Flickr Think

no more
Flickr links
my photostream
forcefully restricted
from public view
your censoring
not in sync

Think Flickr Think

has reported
abuse on my
shia documentary
my beggar posts
my naga sadhu
pictures got
you hoodwinked
you flushed me
down the sink

Think Flickr Think

please re review
my sets albums
be mature considerate
do a rethink.. we are
all human dont judge
me by your robots
methinks please
double think

Think Flickr Think

a beggar poet
rights of admission
reserved every
armor has a chink
dont cause a stink

Think Flickr Think

dedicated to ms marissa mayer