Friday, December 3, 2010

Now This Child Too Wants To Be a Street Photographer

Stalking the Soul of Style Fashion and the Hijab

Abhay Deol Wont Shoot What I Shoot ....

People who live in glass houses dont shoot street photographers ...

I Use The Camera Like a Handgun I Shoot And Dont Miss ..

Padna To Musibat Tha School Jane Bhi Musibat Hai

Sex Is What People Have On Their Minds Most of the Time

Lane Crossing Does Not Change the Destiny of a Beggar

India Belongs to the Rich The Politicians and the Beggars ..The Rest Got Fucked Unawares

To Redeem the Soul of the Child We Have to Burn the Schoolbags

God In India Lives On The Pavements Too

Fuck Heritage ...Build Towers To Kiss The Feet of God In Heaven

Aurat Ek Sadak

Aurat Ne Janam Diyaa MardoN Ko, MardoN Ne Use Baazaar Diyaa
Jab Ji Chaahaa Maslaa Kuchlaa, Jab Ji Chaahaa Dutkaar Diyaa

Pictures Abound On The Streets Some See It Some Dont

Sab Ka Malik Ek

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phool bagh main
rang birangi anek
all of different make
sab ka malik ek
truth that keeps
the world awake
gives hope another
chance a thirst
it loves to slake
peace harmony
together running
on a rake
life is nothing
a simple
give and take
its poison
that resides
in the soul
of man
not only
in the fangs
of a snake

Bhai Yeh Batao Photo Lekar Kya Karte Ho

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maine diya jawab
photo lekar main'
achar banaoonga
internet ke zariye
logon ko khilaunga
mere gali aur kuche
ka zaika famous karaunga
street photography
ka doosra nam haqeeqat
sach ke alawa aur
kuch nahi bataunga
unlearning photography
ek naya subject
sikaunga paisa
to bilkul nahi
kuch goodwill

A Tower of Babel Will Come Up Where He Sits

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in the name of heritage
the government spits
politician builder nexus
gets a clean chit
build towers
uproot old bungalows
in the name of progress
the usual skit
break down walls
to widen roads
where hawkers shit
the state of affairs
of mumbai city
going to the dogs
bit by bit
making money
the only mantra
the common
man in a snake pit
mumbai will soon
be mini Manhattan
brightly lit
neon signs
pubs malls
its soul slit
as an image
i blog it

The Other Side of Bandra That Will Soon Be Gone With The Winds

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I am a Colaba person having lived part of my life at Wodehouse Road and latter years at Strand Cinema, I moved to Bandra West about twenty years back, and now it is embedded in my soul .

I never knew this path I discovered it recently , these are the original gaothans or fishing villages and there are many back lanes such as these behind the Bandra Bazar Market..

Most of the have disappeared bought by politicians backed by the builder lobby, every politician in Bandra presumably has some stake in real estate , this is where the big fat bucks come from.

There are rags to riches stories here at the Bazar a guy lived in a shanty today he owns a building hardly worked but politics..ass licking the poster boy politician gets great rewards.

Bandra has lost its soul it is up for grabs , its all about head count during election time, one sum goes another comes up, slums are the fires that keeps the vote bank alive.

Once upon a time Bandra was famous for Aunty joints jambool jeera and water kairi pickle.

And India is a strange country I am told in certain parts of Tamilnadu they are building a Temple for the Saint of the 2 G Spectrum scam, there will be other deities too besides our Raja.. this is in hushed tones , and I was told not to leak the information to an inquisitive cybernet public. but there will be other supporting statues of other gods and goddesses

So back to Bandra Bazar the filthiest dirtiest ugliest eye sore of Bandra but money spinning dream town , the Queen of the Blurb.

I live in Bandra and not recently due to hard times wanted to move out too....we are till waiting for that too happen.

Random Stray Thoughts of a Stray Blogger

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Earlier I walked through a neighboring slums to reach my work place but got sick and tired after some time, I had picture opportunities specially the burkha clad beggars that sat on the roadside after I exited from the slum..

And I would take my grand daughter Marziya through the slums to give her a taste of hard life of survival beyond the one she lived, Marziya saw the slum kids inter acted with them, and being over all intuitive and perspective learnt the lesson of life rapidly.

Nowadays I walk through this tiny side lane of Bazar Road also called Bandra Gaothan, this was a private path that was rampantly famous during the riots as a short cut , so I take this very short route that brings me out on De Monte street the Cross and via Chinchpokli Bandra road street barber shop I come out at Bandra Hill Road..

The Tata Agiary and now sadly the roadside Bandra Police Car cemetery has been relocated to Bandra Lucky signal close to where the second hand furniture dealers sit.

I was at Als Tattoo shop last evening and shot his tattoo artists all foreigners and I inquired about my friend Lady Diana of the Dreads , she s a brilliant dread extension technician and gifted with hair raising problems.

Marziya has achieved considerable skills with the new cycle I gifted on her birthday,,..her photography lessons are on hold, as her play school too has moved to another area and her mother picks up her up, instead of me.

I was planning to shoot Moharam Ashura in Chennai but I am still not sure , I leave it to God to show me the Light and the path to follow , but I wont be going to Hyderabad as I have already shot it twice, I wont shoot Lucknow ever again , the city of my birth I have distanced myself from for personal reasons, and I am too broke to even dream of going to Karbala Iraq..its to far away and I am not yet prepared for the have to be called as they say.

So with a camera in hand I sweep the murky streets of the area I live or areas I visit in town or at Dadar.

Nothing special the Mahim Urus should be happening soon , I have yet to talk to my friend Sakib..

One person a great listener I really will miss is Sebastian my friend from Spain he is touring India for a month and will return back to Mumbai , shooting Sebastian is photographically soul satisfying.