Monday, September 10, 2018

To All Bigots Racists Shia Sufi Haters You Tube Trolls on this Platform ..

posted at youtube community forum

Blessings Salutations

I once tried this platform but gave up because of hate and abusive comments that did not spare me or my family ..

But I gave myself another chance I came back and this time I decided to moderate my  comment box ..your comments have to be approved by me ,,,I report abuse and block and delete ..

I am a Shia Muslim born bred in India ..we may all be Muslims but we are not the same we differ because we come from different countries .. what really makes us different is our parentage our upbringing or lack of upbringing ..

I am a photographer and a Youtuber like some of you .my videos are not to hurt or abuse gender or religion or community ..

For those who dont know me a Google Search on my name will show you my cyber history ,,,

I shoot and it is neither for fame or money,,,but what really hurts me deep down you dont like my views my videos move on why do you take my videos personally ,, why do you want to subjugate me with your hate animosity ,, Ok I am not a perfect Muslim like you be hate filled like you I would have to disown my parents my upbringing ,,

Unlike some of you that are paid by your Wahabi and Salafi and Tabiki Masters to attack people who shoot Hinduism Sufism Shiasm..and you get away with it as you have never posted anything that one calls Original Content .. you are nothing but Shadow Mullahs wanting to destroy a beautiful platform of Knowledge Education Awareness that is YouTube .
And YouTube needs you the faceless gutless ball less gang of subscribers
I am not a Mullah and photography is not my source of income I am a reputed Fashion Designer Bollywood .

I do not belong to any religious group  political party at all .

I am happy that my mother gave me a faith in her womb I discovered Humanity through Hussain ,My Karbala is India ,,

I have no issue with your beliefs faith religion so why do you impose your belief on me I do no want to be a part of the Islam that you represent ,,you have misinterpreted the Koranic verses to suit your agenda of killing Sufis Shias Hindus Ahmedis ,,I cant be like you ..

So desist from commenting on my videos dont try to change the way I think I am a self educated Muslim luckily my parents poor did no send me to a Madrsa ,,

So be civil if you reach out to me I will reach out to you I am no a Sufi bawa I dont believe in Dua Tawiz I am not a holistic healer I cannot treat you at all.

I don't share my cell phone with strangers ..I have a Facebook page you can contact me but as I said I cannot solve your problems you have to solve them yourself..

Most of the people doing Dua Tawiz for money are nothing but fucking cheats ,,

So have a good day

Words of my Christian Guru late Fr Stephan Nazareth Wodehouse Road Cathedral.

The world is full of darkness so we must shine
You in your corner me in Mine ,

Whirling Dervish
Bandra Mumbai

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