Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mr Raj Kumar Santoshi ..My Mentor

My first break as an actor was given to me by Mr Raj Kumar Santoshi in China Gate .. I am a failed Bollywood actor .

I have been associated with Rajji since Ghatak, Ghayal Barsat Pukar China Gate Halla Bol and many other films ..I learnt a lot from him.. and whatever I am today it is to these directors I owe my creativity and humanity.

A Blogger And Two Masters of Photography

K Madhavan Pillai, Editor, Better Photography And Me

Aalim Hakim Scissorhands

Aalim Hakim My Dear Friend

Nerjis Asif Shakir Canon EOS 7 D User

At Home As The Kama Wound Heals 2 Days

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

Chehlum Juloos Mumbai 2012

Shiasm In India .. 50000 Images at

Most of the pictures because of the graphic nature of Shia pain can only be seen if you are a Flickr member .. and these are pictures shot by me wherever I was destined to go and Shoot Moharam.

This year I hope to go and shoot some other city , I have been straddled with some issue pertaining to work responsibility that prevents me from leaving Mumbai during Moharam... friends from abroad want to shoot Moharam in Mumbai so I have to host them, but this year I do not want to remain in Mumbai at all...

My wife if ordained goes to Karbala Iraq I seek my Karbala in the land of my birth India...

Shooting Moharam

I Only Shot What I Was Destined To Shoot ,,,My Soul In Auto Mode Silent And Mute

I Have Finally Completed My Durga Pujo Series ..863 Images

I shot Durga Through The Cosmic Soul of My Camera

Ramkrishna Mission Durga Puja 2012

Ramkrishna Mission Durga Puja 2012

India Means Humanity

hamari palkon per aanson nahi charaghan hain.... ghame Hussain ko hum roshniii samajhte hain..