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Cheek Piercing Madras Wadi Marriammen Feast

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Procession , Worli

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Procession , Worli

Marriammen Feast Madras Wadi.. Body Piercings

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli Seaface 2

Mariammen Feast Madraswadi.. At Worli Seaface

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi..Get Hooked

Police Dadagiri Needs To Be Stopped

I have known Mr Aryan Vaid for many years now , I have worked with him on the sets of Mr Ashok Tyagi jis Riyasat last film of Mr Rajesh Khanna .Mr Aryan Vaid , is an exemplary human-being , polished sensitive cultured , one thing I know about him , he does not give in to people if he is right ,, whosoever it maybe ,, I have visited his house a great host and I must reiterate he has absolutely no Bollywood attitude , so when I read this mornings HT news of him being bullied by a traffic cop for breathe inhaler test I was shocked , I mean our cops are so dumb that they cannot recognize a sober person from a vulgar drunken one ,, and sadly an upright officer our erstwhile CP Mr Rakesh Maria must get rid of such elements in the force , everyday media writes about the rotten bad apples and our CM also our Home Minister for State needs to bring the House of the Mumbai Police in order , I have seen many a times Traffic cops using abusive language , extorting ricksa drivers , and the Traffic…

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli..Some More Hook Piercing, 2015

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli..More Hook Piercing, 2015

My fascination for rituals , overcoming pain , is intense , not merely as a curiosity , but as a spiritual factor in the communities I shoot , and here the hook is inserted in the back,.It seems very easy , but it is the most painful procedure , to ease the pain that will follow a man holds the devotee tightly , a lime is placed in the mouth of the devotee to bit in if the pain increases .. Shanmugham my Tamil friend is an expert , he does it with precision , and he is huge tough , but at times inserting the hook requires 4 to 5 people pushing it in , as my video shows , here while pushing the second hook in the back, it broke , and now they had to pull it out , the mans back began to bleed , so they decided they will put the second new hook again after the pain subsided . This is the Magic of India , and this is the genre that I enjoy to shoot as a street photographer , I wear a blindfold I am not interested in dogma , or why they are doing it , it is their faith belief culture ,I s…

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli..More Hook Piercing, 2015

Marriammen Feast Hook Piercing Madraswadi Worli 2015

The Common Man And Me

he looked hassled
overwrought i could
see his commonness
snatched away by a
conniving political
party, a simple man
they pushed a broom
in his hand making
him clean every
street every gully
his pristine soul
politicizing garbage
they sullied .. those
that want to build
houses for god
statues in the sea
but nothing for the
poor the homeless
gone to seed ..
politics of lust
power greed

i am charlie
as he breathed
his last and his
sketching pen
began to bleed
from the clutches
of hate racism
bigotry he was
ultimately freed

more than crooked  politicians its good human cartoonists that we need

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli 2015