Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beyond The Soul of The Mirror Lies The Soul of Man

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inhabiting a world
that is mirrored
pretentiously planned
cosmic chaotic unmanned
from within hollow
on the surface grand
fighting a lone battle
on the mound
of a garbage
his last stand
a recycled brand
a force within
a force when
it expands
the writing
on the wall
he does not
supply and demand
for a few silver dollars
will sell his mother
his motherland
and...dust to dust
soon disband

The Cosmic Mind Of a Poet At Rest

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born in the east
fucked in the west
cybernetic convulsions
poetic spasm
congested chest
spasmodic poetry
swollen breast
in memory
of a transvestite
who flew over
the cuckoos nest
across the border
no more my guest
with her heels
she was obsessed
a sex change
the devious doctor
after having tranquilized
her raped her
had totally messed
although i have
deleted her from my
fucked consciousness
i must confess
she did give me head
on a footrest
a facebook dilemma
should i once again add her
ignore her my transvestite
zenitude plenitude
on test she blindfolded me
when she undressed
sensuality as an '
androgynous thought
expressed a poet
never the less
ode to a transvstite
from the north west

Now You Know Why I Am a Fucked Street Photographer

I shoot the same thing over and over again

The Story of the Hijab

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she covers herself
against strangers and men
the hijab in the news
now and than
a pain in the side
of a particular
he wants it banned
burnt criminalized
uprooted from his den
his claustrophobic
perfumed garden
governance on the rocks
economic failure rotten
zenitude and zen
on the soul of his nation
a drop of tear says
racist amen

I Am a Fucked Street Photographer

The Blossoming Future of the Bohra Community

The Most Famous Bohra of Bandra Akbar Bhai Something Special

Dogs Are Day Dreamers Too ...Sometimes

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