Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sometimes The Light Burns From Within The Human Soul

Because My Eyes Were Blinded I Shot This With Your Eyes

The Indian Child Is Born Into The Religiosity of Humanity and Peace

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i did not shoot a picture
a frame within a frame
i shot you your children
your ancestry
i shot you without
your Hindu name
i shot hope humanity
the only religiosity
that sometimes
both communities
defame each
the other blame
both pawns
in a matrix
of an evil game
not just humanity
but tearing
the soul of mother india
her love her beauty
the inner core of her
spiritual moral essence
of her motherhood
even our own
we shame
a memorial
in our human hearts
to humanity
before a piece
of hallowed earth
for the wrong reasons
we reclaim

we who have destroyed mankind nature our surroundings our unborn children giving our country a bad name ...

Bachpan Ke Din Bhulana Dena

Sometimes It Is The Soul That Shoots Pictures The Camera Only Stands And Watches In Awe

They Who Wield Power Tarnish The Soul of Our Motherland

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accumulation of wealth
trampling human rights
corruption is the
core essence of democracy
in the name
of vote powered franchise
by the people for the people
of the people more corruption
more lies as time flies
the leaders become richer
more richer under his
feet the poor man dies
as the soul of the
motherland cries
strangled choked
in a deathly vice
77000 crores
to show
our failure
to the wide world
does not sound nice
waking up at the last
moment calling in the army
to build bridges of hope
to reach paradise
at what price
a master of the game
holding a loaded dice
gambling our country's
reputation honor glory
a doomed destiny's tryst

Faith That Moves Gods and Mountains

Faith That Moves Gods and Mountains

Faith That Moves Gods and Mountains

GSB Seva Mandal Ganpati

This Is Hope Peace Humanity In a Single Frame

GSB Seva Mandal Ganpati

Bhujang Pai The Cool Dude Doc

The Lord And Me

The Face Of India ..Is Hope Harmony and Peace

A Doctor and A Healer Dr Bhujang Pai and Dinesh Pai

Raghuveer And Me

Through The Fires We Rise

Lord GSB Seva Mandal Ganesha Kings Circle

I Think The Lord Teaches Me Photography Year After Year

The Lords Gives You Wheels And Wings

So I am completing my GSB Ganesha back log I shall post the Lalbagh Chya Visarjan pictures after I complete this .. I am finding it tough to catch up with the huge amount of pictures I shot all week.

And I have upoaded the second lot of GSB Ganesha pictures at my Flickr photostream I had shot close to two memory cards.

A Photographer is a Poet and an Artist Too

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Well its time I give my laptop some rest this too was shot at the GSB Seva mandal where I shot the beauty of Lord Ganesha as epitomized by the dedicated Gaud Saraswat Brahmin community of Mumbai completely cultured erudite hospitable polite and courteous.

Here without any aspersion on other Ganesha pandals you wont find uncouth louts pushing and abusing the devotees or losing their heads , I dont see why one becomes a volunteer of the Lord if he cannot manage his own ttemper leave aside the temperament of the crowds..
And I have been walking barefeet with Lalbagh Chya Raja from the starting point till Kumbharwada I am a diabetic and as I addd text yto this post I could not walk all of yesterday my legsare completely swollen and bruised..but the Lord provides.

And I have taken darshan from both these Lord Ganeshas including the Wadala Gsb Ganesha but I asked for nothing , the God I ask from has been slow in providing me relief but that does not mean I give up hope.

And honestly I wonder must I always ask, so as a photographer as an Indian born Muslim I shoot all this with the eyes of my Hindu brothers and share the parampara the traditions rituals of Lord Ganesha other Hindu deities and all part of a thread I call Hope and Hindutva a message of Universal Peace.

I know since childhood it was my fate to be what I wanted to be Indians we share a glorious culture of Peace sometimes marred by hate and the evil in politics that destroys the tapestry by making one brother go against another.

I love the South Indian community dearly because I had a friend Ramesh Alva of Madras Cafe next to Kala Ghoda Mercury Traves Rhythm House and the Jewish Synagogue Fort I grew in his house nurtured on his mother fathers love idli dosa and upama.

He died a few years back but he had made me a pucca South Indian..though he lovingly called me a Miya.

I never got over his death how could I he made sure I would always remember him he did tragically on my birthday 10 December.

So as a tribute to my close friend Ramesh Alva I go to shoot the GSB Lord Ganesha at Kings Circle a fact I confess today .

And the Lord works in a very strange way , believe me , through Ramesh Alva I met his cousin Devdas and through Devdas I met Mr Uday Shetty of Apoorva Fountain .

It was Uday Shetty who bought Dr Bhujang Pai to my shop and it was Dr Pai who showed me a path of love and peace that was the GSB SEVA Mandal Lord Ganesha Kings Cicle,

I have been shooting the Lord passionately for several yeas now.

I met Dinesh Pai Dilip Pai and others of GSB Seva mandal who took me in their fold today I am as much Hindu as the next person is Muslim.

My faith as a Shia Muslim concedes I love Humanity I am a follower of a faith that has made me what I am ..a pucca Indian from within and from above.

And now that I have said so much I will confess without my Hindu friends well wishers I would have not come this far they helped me each time I fell and I am still falling.

There is another lot of GSB Seva Mandal I intend to complete today before I complete the Visarjan of Lalbagh Chya Raja.

I shall i the end post pictures shot of Loord GSB Of Wadala Ganeshotsav Samiti.

I Continue Posting Balance Pictures of GSB Seva Mandal Kings Circle

inki kismet ka darwaza inke paida hote hi bandh ho gaya tha

Kya Gharib Ki Ankhon Se Ansu Mit Jayega

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masjid ban jaaiegi
mandir ban jayega
hindu muslim
ko gale lagayega
muslim hindu
ko apnaega
kam se kam
50 sal ke bad
phir se desh ka
bhala ho jaeyga
mazhab se
thoda door hatkar
insan wo ban jaega
jab woh ghadi
aur woh samay ayega
jab ham uske ghar
diwali phir se
aur phir se
woh idd ke din
hamare ghar
sheer korma
ke seene par
char chand
laag jaayega

They Both Got Gang Raped On a Double Date

This Is Mutual Coexistence and Survival of the Cleverest

Now This Is Better Than Red Meat Believe You Me

I Gave Her Money To Give To The Kindly Beggar Don

Jesus Friends of the Street

Jesus Friends of the Street

He Was Playing Hide And Seek With The Butchers Son

CWG Games Is The Poor Mans Burden

Marziya Shakir Born In The Soul of a Camera

This Is A Family Portrait I Took Before They Are Sent To The Gas Chamber

This is Hope at the Gates Of Hell

I Dont Know If It Would Work Tax The Rich Give To The Poor

This Will Never Be In The News - Beggars Cant Be Choosers

My Life Is More Fucked Than My Hand

Floating In The Abyss of Doom

My Hand Is a Blessing and a Curse

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between poetry of life
drama of prose
going from bad to verse
gets burnt heals itself
in gutter waters
my barefeet my hands
i immerse
my loneliness
my angst
my anguish
i reimburse
gong from
bad to worse
have wheels will travel
my dead body of a blog
in a punctured hearse

My Hands Walk On Glass

The Only Soul On Earth Who Got A Raw Deal

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pain is our birthright
we are born with
we feel we share
as layers of life
like an onion
we judiciously
peel unpeel
jesus came
on earth
to save the world
a noahs ark
a new testament
a new appeal
but man
in the guise
of religiosity
him with thorns
nailed him
as a symbol
a new ideal
now the same man
his children
loaves fishes
new meal
for favors granted
the children s
soul they steal
so the hurt
aggrieved wait
for Him
to come back
touch and heal
Jesus Chrish
the life and the
the only soul
who got a raw deal
as fresh blood flows
tears on his cheeks

I was bought up in a Catholic school and spent a lifetime close to the Church and the Sacristy

The Only Place To Hold The CWG Games is Lalbagh Mumbai

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the only place
that bridges
dont fall
is not accident
protected secure
clean hygienic
gods own
the lalbagh chya
ganeshotsav mandal
the best people
to organize
this mammoth event
a positive coverage
full blown
satish khankar
sudhir salvi
sunil joshi
raju langewal
colors of peace
hope humanity
in muted tones
the CWG Sports village
well done up
the officials about dirt
filthiness wont
have to bemoan
or grunt and groan
from all over
the world
top sportsman
on the nations
carrier comfortably flown
gifted a statuette
of the mascot of CWG
Lalbagh Chya Raja
a blackberry mobile phone
a thought that came to
marziya a mind reader
she telepathically
conveyed it to me
on my embattled
poetic soul it shone
77000 crore
a whopping sum
home alone
almost broke
the humped
poor mans
amchi mumbai
lalbaghchya raja
jai maharashtra
the new ring tone
lal bagh chya raja
his karyakartas
his volunteers
on the CWG
refurbished throne
even Queen Elizabeth
gives a smile
a country
now ours was once
the jewel in the crown a rare
gemstone of a
colonial past
a forgotten zone
after the games
once changed from
delhi to mumbai
passage to India
will be a memorable memory
to all sportsperson
known unknown

Dedicated To Lalbagh Chya Raja and the City of Mumbai