Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Girl Child And Hope

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She saw me shooting the beggars in this narrow winding lane she came up to me and said Uncle why dont you take my picture as a contrast to the woeful surrounding around her she was like a rose of hope in sunshine with some rain.

I shot her picture and I dont think before I shoot I hate wasting time no composition no rules street photography is about breaking flouting rules to show you the true face of humanity as it sells its pain like a commodity on the roads.

Some throw a coin move ahead , some just move ahead dont throw coins, they detest beggars and some tell me quite emphatically Muslim beggars are disgrace to Muslim society.. of course they dont say that Muslim society has beggars running around asking for fat donations to build a new mosque or madrsa.

Anyway this post is about the little child and hope and I will take a U turn forget about the beggars that form the setting of this blog.

Muslim girls are vulnerable and are trustworthy so they come to harm like the case of the serial rapist at Nehru Nagar Kurla.

And it is up to the parents to teach them to stay away and not inter act with strangers completely.

The person who preys on children is normally the nice kind uncle and he can look like anyone including me.

But in most cases in the slums parents forget this important dictum as they are both working making ends meet.. its the tragedy of our life.

In some cases it is the mother who is a single parent works in many houses as a maid because the husband is a wife beater and alcoholic this is a case I am aware of but she wont complain to the cops she loves her husband far too much he is not loaded or rich like the media addictive husband in the news one hears about.

She has a few kids and has to leave them at home alone and one or two have injured themselves seriously but as I said there is no escape.

So this little girl I did not know whose picture I shot on request taught me a lesson of life in pain but also a smile that said Uncle dont worry Good is Great he protects me all time and he is hope embedded in my shadow.

So I have poetized a street picture in prose....but I hope you read it like a poem of life in bloom.

The Muslim Ethos Lives In a Ghetto of Despair

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the rich muslims
live in mansions
opulent hi rise towers
grandeur wealth
grand affair
the muslim poor
the muslism ethos
lives in a ghetto
of despair caught
in a vicious
grip of a snare
doomed destiny
a tragedy
beyond compare
our leader
god bless
their souls
play the violin
as they are
politicians netas
to their party
the mullah
god bless
their souls too
are happy
more mosques
more madrasas
for the widow
the orphan
the destitute
no one has
time to spare
luckily we here
in Mumbai
are Muslims
our sectarian
we do not bare
be it the riots
the serial blast
we get hit
as muslims
no shia
no sunni
no tabbliki
no whabbi
our houses
our business
burnt destroyed
but we are
we silently
offer a prayer
for peace
mutual coexistence
life is unfair

The Silhouette of Muslim Womanhood

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the silhouette of her soul
the silhouette of muslim
womanhood as whole
within the silhouette
of the hijab lies
her tradition
her ancestry
her goal
a garment
of modesty
her life under
her control
a piece of cloth
of her virtuosity
a fabric colored
blackish coal

The Race Of Life Never Ends

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a cycle
of motion
within a cycle
of emotion
birth the beginning
death the final solution
some call it evolution
on the soul of a revolution
man a drop in an ocean


Tysa Konstacja

The Quintessential Unessential School Bag

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the brain
of a child
is a school bag
he stores
a fact
only our
does not know
kilos of books
weighing a ton
a punishment
he undergoes
back bent
he is an old man
in childhood throes
my own childhood
the weight
of my school bag
in a frame
of a picture
i froze
my children
carried it too
my grand daughter
marziya carries
it now
this is karmic
from one
into the next
it flows
the teachers nose
no one to oppose

The Hijab A Dress Code Overblown

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Randy Der so much bullshit about a womens choice of clothing...its more fear mongering from the west to the east..

as a liberal modern day living muslim
i feel the hijab a dress code overblown
the muslim woman wears the hijab
its the western world that takes offense
loves to groan and moan
perhaps they are scared it might
become a fashion statement
their women would love to own
fully covered from head to toe
within the silhouette of the hijab
a woman not alone this
could be the only reason
why they want to criminalize it
burn it ban it bury it
beneath a tombstone
the hijab a fury of their
fear psychosis hits
them like a cyclone
bad governance
economic problems
on the back burner
its the hijab
for their own sins
they want it to atone
the hijab the only garment
they are far too scared to clone
the hijab the muslim womans
safety zone spiritual enlightenment
not willing to be dethroned
the hijab beyond the danger zone

I am a Defunct Poet Of Mumbai

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born each morning
on the internet
at the stroke
of midnight
i die
the defunct poet
of mumbai
cobbled up
boot polished
i wont deny
the cobbler
poet of mumbai
the same words
over and over again
in the same oil
i fry
a cooked up poem
a burnt out passion
to the masses
i supply
i am a caterer
poet of mumbai
the same thread
of words
the same weft
warp of a fabric
as a poem
i restitch
color and dye
i am a tailor
made poet
of mumbai

will read me
ignore me
its their prerogative
their choice
but in the tear
of a beggar
through 'a picture
i carried
their voice
i gave dignity
to the hijra
from bad to verse
i had
no choice
through a picture
of their angst
i showed
you the world
of the lady boys
poetic pathos
agony anguish
hobsons choice

Wandering In The City of Pain

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her pain
was greater than mine
though to her pain
she was resigned
i read through a sign
a thought interpreted
now poetic online
my pain her pain
anguish pathos
poetry combined
the creator created
bad times designed
the curse of mankind
eyes open blind
on the soul
of humanity

A Cry of Anguish

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a cry
of anguish
searching for hope
his final death wish
as he begs for a living
a borrowed life not his

The Ultimate Poetry of Pain

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what if
i placed you
where she sits
your palm
stretched out
a few coins
on your fate
they spit
that human pain
has lit
now get up
in the role
of a beggar
you do not fit
such is pain
in a pit
closely knit
god created it
but as a poet
through a
her pain
i tried to edit
she said
sir pain
the only commodity
in great supply
now why should
you buy it
i shot
a moment
in time
i got hit

Excavating A Dead Poets Grave

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he was a road bound
gutter bred poet
he wrote pictorially
poems on the internet
he had not been published
in paper back or hardbound
no coffee book yet
he died a violent death
he came under
a hand cart
they hastily
buried him
in an open gutter
almost missing
the communal toilet
bevda municipal grave diggers
are now searching
for his grave to pay
him tribute
for all he gave free
his blood poetry and sweat
marc zuckerburg
has offered a suitable
reward for leaking
his profile with regret
a facebook poet of mumbai
no hijab no jesus poetry
no hijra poetry
just a faint line
his spiritual
at flickr
at twitter
he came
he saw
he went
in the reader
the viewers debt
a room with a view
to let my last will
my poetic testament

to my dear friend rajiv soni for his support he was in mumbai yesterday but we never met , rajiv was busy interviewing a bollywood poetess

Dont Touch Me

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she lay on the bed
drawing claw like
nails dont
touch me she said
slithering sensuality
turning her face red
she a hot
blooded pathan
nubile nebulously
nocturnal her look
tore me to shred
but when I switched
on the light
I almost dropped dead
she was a transvestite
a tail you have read
through my earlier poems
now continued ahead
I told her in no easy
terms it was not possible
for me to get wed
from her boudoir
like a bird in flight
in oxymoron haste
I fled and caught
up with my friends
at cafe Leopold
joel posey roland
good old fred
I told them my
love story
bullet holes
on my ass
bullet holes

the transvestites tale continues the beauty from across the border i had one night met on the internet a one night stand more body less head ...a Barmecides feast minus the spread

Its Better To Be Human Than To Be Divine

Its Better To Be Human Than To Be Divine

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we can be good
we can be rich
we can be kind
we can be charitable
hospitable divine
but it is all water
over a ducks ass
if we cant be human
we lose peace of mind
the soul of mankind
god given eyes
but to pain
of others we are blind
we show we help
others pretentious
a thought
that slips our mind
so god created
salman khan
with human flaws
within his soul
the love
of humanity
he defined
salman told
the blind beggar
you lead
I follow
from behind
our paths
our collective

Salman Khan
in gratitude and humility


All the pictures of Salman Khan I shot from posters at Mr Boney Kapoors office , when I went to see Mr Vinod Talwar my dear friend..

I pay salute to the original photographer who shot this I have merely reproduced the original and tweaked it with a poetic thought.