Saturday, February 7, 2015

Shooting Beggars Is Not Fine Art

these are not like the insects
cats dogs you shoot .. these
are wretched children of a
lesser god ..attached to that
flimsy bloody umbilical cord
these are not like the planes
you shoot in mid flight these
are the lost tribe of an almighty
lord .these are not like the flowers
roses buds you shoot these are
children badly scarred molested
raped sodomized held in a mouse my backyard ..these are
not the mountain tops you shoot
or the rivers streams and pond
these are children forgotten used
abused forever dwarfed but i shot
them as somebody had to tell their
story of pain,, as visuals their smiles
on the face of my battered humanity
my only just reward a world where
you cant pay beggars with swiping
your credit card ..on the fringe of
the mainstream even  from the world
of the common man debarred ..
scared bewildered alienated a few
yards away from the graveyard ,,,

Is It My Fault That I Was Born On The Streets Of Mumbai

he pierced my soul with
his accusing eyes I felt
guilty as his raw words
penetrated my inner angst
what he said was truth not
lies ..a child is born on the
street and the child dies
when he realizes that he
was merely born to add
supplement to his families
earnings ..he has become
wise society he paid
his price ,,time unconcerned
turns the other way flies

I Shot Her In 2007 .. Where Is She ,, Even God Has No Answers

This is an old image ,, and it is still fresh such is the memorable quality of street shots .. they live on on your timeline , as parts of our archive ,, in this case my archives .

I was earlier for a month going through my old DVDS CDS and re posting a few items after tweaking them via Aviary , but as my bad luck would want it , my DVD writer on my Acer laptop got damaged ..and I had to stop my work midway ,, my son promised to buy me a new external DVD writer till than I am back to shooting pictures the Mahim lot that you saw on my timeline .

And here this image I bought it forward by changing the EXIF data and changing the taken date as the posted date today,, though it was posted in 2007 .

Where is this girl .. nobody cares , why should they its not their job and this modern world sans values has made the soul of society heartless insensitive ,, and its the same with the cops , they see so much crime that  to their eyes even the innocent man appears as a criminal and it is a fact our leaders , our religious heads like the policemen  take everyone as criminals , a humorist , a protester or even a man demanding his salary from his boss not paid for many months is a criminal and sadly some of our cops always side with the monied to get the case wrapped up..

And  even the Delhi elections showed us the crass language , the stooping down our main leaders , winning is important and everything is fair according to them including hitting below the belt ,, it is sad day for the much harried confused voter ...whoever wins I hope he makes Delhi safe for women at least and most of all our North Eastern brothers sisters mothers .. this is essential.. if we call India our motherland a Democracy .. and God save us from fundamentalist motormouths of both communities ..

Lets be Indian for once and let Delhi lead the way.

Whats Happens If All The Street Barbers Went On Strike

a thought the poor people
the slum dwellers the homeless
on the streets wont like it would
hit them hard this strike specially
this crippled disabled on his three
wheel bike everyone in the industry
gets away with a rise .. the salon
owners hair stylists but tells me
this poor street barber sir when
will we get a hike ..stopping work
of the poor we love as we are poor
too is a thought we dislike .but the
price of razors the shaving cream
the alum..has gone up considerably
and continued with his conversation
such like  that my poetic imagination
disembodied got deliriously psyched

Who Says You Need A Camera To Shoot Pictures

The Facebook Refugee

He Was once on Facebook
poked so many times a
sabbatical from face book
he took ..became a wastrel
a madman for a holy saint
once he was mistook..
lying above his undug grave
for committing nuisance on
the streets of Mumbai he
was booked out of jail
out on bail..he has finally
found a nook.. to be eventually
laid under the shade time
space two pillars of his warped
mind shook ..choked for his
moderation he once told me
on a cybernetic dried up brook..
his wise words "you always end
up eating what someone else cooks"
his only last wish buying a @budnitz
cycle by hook or by crook..he ended
by generously signing my autograph book