Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Poor Migrant North Indian From Uttar Pradesh

full page
ads in all
indian newspapers
touting law order
under chief
minister mr
self promotional
self glorification
hollow praise ..
riots wont ever
be forgotten
wont ever
be erased
like a garland
of godhra will
haunt the soul
of humanity
it will surface
political survival
what a disgrace
dreams politicians
chase .. a mask
concealing a dubious
face .. what hindu
what muslim those
who were martyred
were indians ,.by race

The Poor Mans Cuisine

green hot chillies
is the poor mans meal
cooked on a kerosene
stove no big deal
he cant afford
the rich mans meal
the long winding
line for kerosene
burning sorrow
burning feet
his life
like a slithering
the pain of living
as prices sky rocket
now you know
how he feels
his pain reveal
governments come
make a quick buck
go his pain
wont heal
a system
that sucks
his soul
it steals
in a grinding
pain round
round he goes
round a karmic
wheel made
of plastic
not of steel
the only time
he is respected
they come with
folded hands
for his vote
his fucked fate
is sealed
another 5 years
another spiked heel
on his trampled
sorrow another
fucked deal

With Bakra Eid Round The Corner Millions Will Be Spent On Goats

but who
has time
the feed
the poor
the needy
the homeless
or those in
or give a few
goats to a
widows home
or an orphanage
it is only who
bought the
most expensive
goat money
seducing the press
to show off impress
the clergy need not
stress bound
to the rich mans
largess while
the rich man
of wealth
money power
a thought to
why so much
is the key
to worldly

I Shoot The Last Gasping Breath Of Life

This is dedicated to a Flickr friend for her kind words it touched the humility of my photographic soul ..her words ..

I just love your photos, they are so often the highlight of my day! Including the dead and dying and decrepit and begging,
it is like a window into the real world from the privileged North American life that people lead here. Most people can't believe how the rest of the world lives. You are a constant reminder of what is really going on!!
If people say they don't like them, it is because they want to be ostriches and hide their heads and pretend that everyone is rich and prosperous, without realizing that their wealth and that of their nations is stolen from the third world nations pockets.

who is he
i dont know
but yes he
is muslim old
man of uttar
north indian
lying at
the bus depot
day dreaming
his painful
deathly throes
his worldly woes
his sufferings
shadow him
wherever he goes
wakes him up
to pangs of hunger
bouts of begging
when the winds
blow..the pain wont
diminish or outflow
who really cares
for him ..those
who engineered
the azad maidan
riots for muslims
of myanmar assam
wont ever see him
him or feel his sorrow
i only hope not another
politicized protest for
muslims of muzzafarnagar
in mumbai pacify
our polarized leaders ego
those who died were all
indians due to a novice
running a large state
in one free
laptops does not change
crumbling law and order
scenario ..durga shakti
ma durga is coming
to remove all obstacles
durga ma ki jai ho..

I Use My Camera As A Time Machine

i show
that i had
shot i had
seen brotherhood
hope evergreen
i show you
a thought
before it
will be born
time will
i shoot
that futuristic
scene eid ul zuha
on october 16
a few changes
in dress mood
but obedience
devotion surrender
to gods will pristine
my camera is a
lamp though i
am not Aladdin..
i juggle pictures
back forth that
you may have
i shoot all religious
moments memories
i dont ridicule or demean
i dont shoot the obvious
or obscene ,, my camera
is my instrument of peace
capturing pain gasping breath
solitude silent and serene

Hanumanji At Juhu Beach

Do You Want To Know What Nerjis Is Thinking As A Photographer

I gave my Canon 60D to a tourist photographer who had a Nikon DSLR around his neck,,and he was with his family a young guy but was having trouble shooting with the Canon..though it was on the easiest mode,so Nerjis looked amused wondering why he was taking so much time and I dont blame her.

One of the reasons I taught them photography, they wont ever have to grapple with the camera when they grow older,,than as an after thought I realized they have already grown older than my camera ..

My grandchildren wont be photographers but I taught them humility all human virtues through the camera .. you have to see her shoot pictures ..

I Bring Nerjis To Juhu Beach

I had some urgent work, had to drop some personal stuff of Mr Shakti Kapoor ,, he was away on a shoot so I gave it to his watchman and from his building walked out of his back door that leads to the Juhu beach, his building is on Juhu beach itself..

Nerjis was scared of the waters , but made her shoot some stuff on the beach including the photographers there.

We walked from one end to the bhel stall corner end , me lifting her all the time ..

The Street Photographer - Nerjis Asif Shakir

if you are blogger
to your creativity
there is no limit
no time bound
agenda to commit
you dont need
to shoot new pictures
with the exif data
changing the date
takes you back
on the summit

a 2 year old street photographer .. nerjis ,,won it

Filthy Places Of Bandra Guided Tour ...The Garden Of Chinchpokli Road

just a few
steps is
the sai baba
temple gods
holy abode
bhajan artis
devotion marred
by filth on this
bandra byroad
that connects
demonte street
to the famous
bandra hill road
garbage dump
dogs cats goats
use it like a
public commode
huge big fat rats
nice mansions
the hens chickens
crows have over
the years mellowed
this is a two way street
traffic snarls commotion
galore .digging is a
common feature
leaving holes half open
bandra queen of the
suburbs widowed
once before
ministers they
come here to
canvas for votes
memories i
wont decode
on the crest
of karmic silence
brother neglect
sister apathy rode
bandra once
princess charming
now fat filth diseased
female toad ..poetry
of life begging for attention
on this crossroad..

Filthy Places Of Bandra Guided Tour ...We See Everyday We Endure ...A Rabid Disease No Cure

My Dear Bandra Is Dying A Slow Death..In The ICU Of a Death Bed.. Those Whom We Voted Simply Fled

What The Fuck Is This Right To Reject Shit ,,?..Birds Of a Feather Rock Together ..

The Parliament Of Scavenger Crows In Session..Discussing Ordinance And Recession

The Famous Crows Of Bandra Bazar Road.. Their Shit On My Head Offload

After Elections There Might Be Some Clean Up This End ..At The Moment It Is a Bandra Bazar Dead End

365 Day Project A Picture A Day .. I Thought I Could Do It ,,

but than
i gave it
up i said
what the
fuck up
screw it
if i post
the same
every day
you would
rue it
so my
garbage porn
thought i
withdrew it
what i cant
i must not
chew it
as a blog
on the soul
of the municipal
imbue it

Comedy Shows Could Be Shot Here Provided You Take Permission From The Bandra Municipality

Bandra Bazar The Garbage Queen of the Suburbs..

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If You Shoot Garbage As I Do You Will Soon Become A UncompromisingStreet Photographer

a guided
tour of all bandra
dirty spots ..
open garbage
to soothe
your senses
after every shot
my grand children
learnt photography
shooting garbage
honing  their skills
school for tiny tots
even cats are more
cleaner hiding
their shit from public
a feline thought
only humans shit
piddle add to the rot
give a few bucks
never get caught
our system our politics
our values garbage
oriented we only
learnt morals civics
in books in practice
we were never taught
right to reject
none of those ..
whom we elected
who neglected our
surroundings our
peace of mind
from the political
scene we need to
keep in mind
what we voted
we got..netas who
dont visit their
a point you need
to in bandra
is 24/7 flying in Aeroflot

Painted Walls Of Pain Poetry And Pathos

of onions
the cause
make a
the consumers
culinary loss
in the kitchen
very cross
utter nonsense
throw them
all out she
tells big boss

The Camera Brings You Closer To God

There Are Only Two Main Sects Among Muslims- The Rich And The Poor

the rich
gods chosen
one no sins
to atone
the poor muslim
even his life
is not his own
on a cosmic
on eid ..barefeet
children groan
kurtas muted
tones ..children
potbellied sickly
skin and bones
the clergy has a
hearty meal sheer
korma the beggars
they disown ..beggars
humiliated untouchables
of muslim society
bad luck prone

It Is Not The Eid Namaz But The Eid Hugging Picture That Mumbai's Photo Editors Want

Without Media Photographers Newspapers Would Shut Down.

i say
or satirical
frown what
goes up
must come
public endearing
of the hour
talk of the town
shooting blogs
is much easier
copy just note clamp
till you fall dead
barefeet burnt
all brown..unlike
facebook no
thumbs down

Saying It With Roses Eid Mubarak...Best Of Luck..

Shooting Eid Ul Zuha ..Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Id-ul-Zuha is a festival that is celebrated with traditional fervor and gaiety in India and the world. Many Muslims wear new clothes and attend an open-air prayer meeting during Id-ul-Zuha. They may sacrifice a sheep or goat and share the meat with family members, neighbors and the poor. Many Muslims feel that they have a duty to ensure that all Muslims can enjoy a meat based meal during this holiday.