Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Memories of Distant Dreams

I was here with my wife and my mother in law for a few hours, as we were visiting the Shrine of Shaheede Salis Agra and were to leave on the same day to be in time for Lucknow Athvi the next day.I shot these pictures bare feet , burning floor reminded of my Moharam walks on embers of coal..
One needs time great natural right and a gifted temperament to shoot the Taj Mahal,,,it is more than a symbol of love it is a symbol.. of Indian hospitality harmony and Peace.

Dargah Hazrat Abbas Lucknow

This is a monument of Faith , custodians of Faith , the Dargah Hazrat Abbas is the replica of his Shrine in Karbala...
A Hindu person went into the Dargah bowed , came out, outside are the Alam shops , he asked for a alam in gold to place on the Holy Shrine , the guy did not have one ready , he said he would give it to him the next day, the Hindu gentleman paid the entire amount, the Shia shop keeper of Alams was curious , he asked him has your prayer been answered, the Hindu replied it will be fulfilled the next morning hence I am placing the Alam..This a true incident..There are many tales , its about Faith .Faith is untouched by bigotry, or Sunnism or Shiasm or Hinduism..
Ask you shall recieve.. ask with your heart and not through your selfish soul.
For me this Hazrat Abbas 's Dargah is the first place I visited after I tied the knot to my wife 30 years back, than Asif Shakir my eldest son married a girl from Kazmain after the Nikkah we bought him and his wife at about 1 am at the locked gates of this Dargah to offer thanks..We got a wish, we got a daughter instead of a daughter in law, we bought her home, let her complete her graduation..this year she got a First class.
My eyes are dripping with thanks to this Holy Saint..he gave us more than his handful.. the only Shia Saint without Hands .. He gave his hands protecting the Mashke Sakina , bloodied waters of Euphrates, he was incidentally not battling the Kafirs, these were Namazis of Yazids army, who prayed 5 times a day, performed Haj fasted during Ramzan..Yes Islam changed ovenight in Karbala.. Barbarism home grown staple diet of the Arab bedouin..a hand for a hand an eye for an eye..
Islam spread because one Man who lives after Death protecting Allahs Bayt ..
Shah Ast Hussain..
So this is Dargah Hazrat Abbas..
On Athvi the caravan of Imam Hussain moves away from the frontiers of his beloved Hindustan, back to Karbala, but a little girl keeps turning her moist eyes back and forth, yes Little Sakina knows Chacha Abbas .. will remain behind answering prayers on behalf of his Moulah Akka Hussain..
Yes I cry I never needed a Mullah to remind me of my birhright bound to tears for Fatima..I do not need to dramaztize my pain, I do not need to be forced to cry.. I am a drop of a tear they call it heresy of my Faith..
Yes a Shia is one who comes from a Shia Mothers Womb..
You cant clone a Shia.. the only segment among Muslims..
You need to be born a Shia to convert to Islam..

Rehan's Anjuman at Kazmain

Rehan is reciting the Noha from his notebook, he will lead his band of Shia followers to the replica of the Holy Shrine at Kazmain.Here they will do the last alvidai Matam beating their proud chests with chants of Ya Hussain Ya Hussain.
After the matam, they will the rest the Alam Abbas , for the last time, weep profusedly on the Holy Shrine asking for forgiveness.
Than they will wait till dawn when Athvi the black clouds will turn to crimson, Eid E Zahra begins and on this day at Kazmain Hussain Rules, the Sunnis shut themselves up, but they are not in very large numbers in this predominantly Shia locality.Ever street corner , ever single Shia home burns effigies of Umar and the enemies of Shiasm equalling 3 and a Half..
Badwords abuses on the enemies are excued on this one day of the calendar..
This is a grand Idd of the Shias thereby vindicating the sorrow and pain of Fatima Zahra the daughter of the Holy Prophet..
This is 9 Rabbilawwal in a nutshell..