Friday, October 12, 2012


the frail 
flesh of man 
the divinity 
of a mother 
tries to reach
shackles on his flesh
a man made wall
he tries to breach
divine mother
he tries to beseech
cursed by his silence
betrayed by his
sense of speech
his forefathers
love of god
but love of humanity
did not teach
puritanical hate
bigotry powered
is what they preach
a bleeding soul of man
turned to bleach
on the crossroads of
his spirituality
crashes headlong
with a screech

Karmic Convulsions Resized

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holding an ocean
of peace in her eyes
at her lotus feet
lies paradise
goddess durga
queen of the earth
celestial skies
the karmic soul
searching for eternity
never dies
from one birth
to another birth
on wings
of an angel
it flies
from death
it never shies
every rebirth
to rise
at a price
karma dharma
spiritual exercise
passion pathos
profundity of faith
to be precise

Durga Blesses Me

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touching my soul
my inner solitude
diverse divinity
as an image
i have pursued
my perilous angst
she has rescued
hope and hindutva
a message of peace
i conclude
my cultural inheritance
my roots my heritage
pictorially reviewed
the essence
of all godliness
a closed comment box
breached by hate
they have spewed
your views on my
photo stream
highly valued

Suresh Kumar The Quintessential Bollywood Dreamer of Juhu

Crowds Outside Mr Amitabh Bachchans House 70 th Birthday

Dont Shoot Pictures From Here Said The Non Friendly Mumbai Cop ...

Mr Amitabh Bachchan Fans Well Wishers Throng His House - 70 Th Birthday

The Meter Hike Was A Tribute By The RTO To The Common Man On Mr Amitabh Bachchans Birthday

Crowds Outside Mr Amitabh Bachchans House 70 th Birthday

Every year accidentally I end up at Juhu for some work on Amitjis birthday and end up shooting the crowds .. I was going to Mr Shatrughan Sinhas house I also shot while coming back to Bandra...

Mithila Phadke And The Beggar Poet Shot By Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old

Mithila had come home to see the beggar poet and his world .. and Marrziya was more interested in watching cartoons and took two shots , the first shot my wife told Marziya that she had cut me off without seeing the pictue so Marziya took this as her second shot .

My wife is a good photographer too though she hates camera exposure on the net and so on and so forth.

the one finger blogger from mumbai

due to a permanent serious sword injury on my right hand incurred during Moharam 2007 I type with one finger ....

The Great Gambler ..Bollywood First Day First Show On His Wall

Bhagvaan... Bhagvaan...Bhagvaan...Bhagvaan.. Oh Dhuniyaa Ke Rakhwale Sun Dhardh Bhare Mere Naale

Bhagvaan... Bhagvaan...Bhagvaan...Bhagvaan..
Oh Dhuniyaa Ke Rakhwale
Sun Dhardh Bhare Mere Naale
Sun Dhardh Bhare Mere Naale (Oh Dhuniyaa)

Aash Niraash Ke Dho Rangom Se
Dhuniya Thu Ne Sajaayee
Nayya Sang Thoofaan Banaaya
Milan Ke Saath Judhaayi
Ja Dhekliyaa Har Jayee
Oh..Lut Gayee Mere Pyaar Ki Nagri
Ab Tho Neer Bahaale (2)
Oh........Ab Tho Neer Bahaale... (Oh Dhuniya)

Aag Bani Saavan Ki Barkha
Phool Bane Angaare
Naagan Ban Gayee Raath Suhaani
Pathar Ban Gaye Thaare
Sub Toot Chuke He Sahaare
Oh...Jeevan Apnaa Vaapas Lele
Jeevan Dhene Vale (Oh Dhuniya)

Chaand Ko Doonde Paagal Sooraj
Shaam Ko Doond Savera
Mein Bhi Doondoom Us Preetham Ko
Ho Na Saka Jo Mera
Bhagwaan Bhala Ho Thera
Oh..Kismath Pootti Aasna Tootti
Paav Mein Pad Gaye Chaale
Oh Dhuniya Ke Rakhwale

Mehal Udhaas Aur Galiyaam Sooni
Chup Chup He Dheewaare
Dhil Kyaa Ujdaa Dhuniyaa Ujdee
Root Gayee He Bahaare
Hum Jeeven Kaise Gusaare
Oh..Mandir Girthaa Phir Ban Jaathaa....
Dhil Ko Kaun Sambaale
Oh Dhuniyaa Ke Rakhwale
Sun Dhardh Bhare Mere Naale
Sun Dhardh Bhare Mere Naale
Oh Dhuniyaa Ke Rakhwale

Mr Prem Chopra The Style Icon of Bollywood

Kachra Dekh Kachra Sung Kachra Feel ..What I Have You Cannot Steal..

this is a street
a buffet where dogs
cats rats crows
come for their
free meal
i see them
i shoot them
i am healed
littered on the
soul of my poetry
mortality reveals
a chakra of despair
revolving round
a cosmic wheel

Brown Rice

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Brown rice (or "hulled rice") unmilled or partly milled rice, is a kind of whole, natural grain. It has a mild nutty flavor, is chewier and more nutritious than white rice, but goes rancid more quickly because the germ—which is removed to make white rice—contains fats that can spoil.[1] Any rice, including long-grain, short-grain, or sticky rice, may be eaten as brown rice.
In much of Asia, brown rice is associated with poverty and wartime shortages, and in the past was rarely eaten except by the sick, the elderly and as a cure for constipation.[citation needed] This traditionally denigrated kind of rice is often now more expensive than common white rice, partly due to its relatively low supply and difficulty of storage and transport.

White rice comparison

Brown rice and white rice have similar amounts of calories and carbohydrates. The main differences between the two forms of rice lie in processing and nutritional content.
When only the outermost layer of a grain of rice (the husk) is removed, brown rice is produced. To produce white rice, the next layers underneath the husk (the bran layer and the germ) are removed, leaving mostly the starchy endosperm.
Several vitamins and dietary minerals are lost in this removal and the subsequent polishing process. A part of these missing nutrients, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and iron are sometimes added back into the white rice making it "enriched", as food suppliers in the US are required to do by the Food and Drug Administration.[2][not in citation given]
One mineral not added back into white rice is magnesium; one cup (195 g) of cooked long grain brown rice contains 84 mg of magnesium while one cup of white rice contains 19 mg.
When the bran layer is removed to make white rice, the oil in the bran is also removed. Rice bran oil may help lower LDL cholesterol.[3]
Among other key sources of nutrition lost are small amounts of fatty acids and fiber.[citation needed]

A nutritionally superior method of preparation using GABA rice or germinated brown rice (GBR) (also known as Hatsuga genmai in Japan), developed during the International Year of Rice, may be used.[4] This involves soaking washed brown rice for 20 hours in warm water (34 °C or 93 °F) prior to cooking it. This process stimulates germination, which activates various enzymes in the rice. By this method, it is possible to obtain a more complete amino acid profile, including GABA.

Brown rice has a shelf life of approximately 6 months,[5] but hermetic storage, refrigeration or freezing can significantly extend its lifetime. Freezing, even periodically, can also help control infestations of Indian meal moths.
[edit]Health effects

The bran contains phytic acid, which can prevent the absorption of minerals in the small intestine.

Snakes Dont Wear Opulent Rings

My Flickr Status Upgrade .. With Due Apologies ..To Those On My Block List

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I am blocking (1,265 people) at Flickr .com .. mostly because of no profile photos or profile detail.. I also block those with dirty pictures on their favorites .. I also dont add people for other reasons too ..I am a street photographer and you see my pictures move on..I am not into debate dialogue or social networking at at all I showcase my world .. as I see it .. nothing more nothing less..