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The Sad Tale Of The Naga Sadhu At Maha Kumbh

I have known him since the Nasik Kumbh , he is a hardcore Naga Sadhu and is a disciple of my Naga Guru, he does the morning Arti , and his prowess I saw  at Nasik pulling a car with his penis - also known as penile yoga .

When I reached  Sector 4 where I was staying with my Naga Guru , I found him troubled , it turned out that he had gone for a dip he had placed his clothing on a  a parked tractor .. he is slightly short of hearing too , when he finished his prayers and came out of the river his clothing his money  and the tractor was not there ., he came back to the Guru and narrated his loss ,,

Most of the Naga Sadhus move about naked at Allahabad , so his coming back stark nude was not surprising.

He wanted to go back to Mumbai as a tragedy had befallen his family member , when I heard about his loss I gave him money for the train ticket , he hugged me and he left before the Shahi Snan .

I had taken this picture as a memory.. there were lot of thieves , pick pocketeers  at the Mah…

Documenting The Maha Kumbh The Naga Babas And The Naga Sadhus

I could have left much earlier to shoot the Maha Kumbh , but I had to finish my work load and besides I was short of financial resources ..but I was destined to shoot the Maha Kumbh ,,

I lived with the Naga Sadhus and as my Guru is a Naga Sadhu I had the comforts of a tent , food was free ..but yet when I left Allahabad I gave my Guru some amount for all that he had done for me , it was not much but sufficient  as he had spent a lot for his disciples that came from Mumbai and other parts of Gujrat .

I shot a lot , and I was lucky too shoot the Shahi Snan on Basant Panchami.. I also shot a group of Hijras taking the Holy Dip,..I met great Saints , Tantriks and Aghori Sadhus .

The Maha Kumbh I ca never forget , and I left the following day after  Basant Panchami.. it was the most badly managed Kumbh and if it was successful it was only because of the Sadhu Samaj and the Hindu organizations who put up a great effort despite a poor show by the Uttar Pradesh government ,,

Foreigners were …

The Children of The Street

a face
that has
yet not
learnt to
to be
the birth
of a girl
a curse
looked down
upon reviled

a moment lost
in agony i
shot on my

her eyes haunting
my soul captivating
my imagination
as i politicized
this beggar childs
profile ..i almost
saved her from
the jaws of a
human crocodile

she was being lured by a drunkard
i took his picture and he fled from her ..
he was offering her rs 10.. and asking her
change ..
i fired him ..but this is  mumbai where her
own parents living on the road near the jari mari temple bandra force her

The Greatest Show On Earth The Maha Kumbh ...

This is a picture of young Naga Sadhu novice , and they ere at the Holy Bath known as the Shahi Snan at the Sangam or the confluence of three rivers Ganga Jamuna Saraswati..

As I was with the Naga Sadhus dressed as a Sadhu I had clear access to the greatest moment in a Hindu devotees life and the euphoria of the naked Naga Sadhus is unimaginable ..

The worlds best photographers , photojournalists were here shooting the making of History .

And mind you if you are a travel photographer and if you have not shot the Kumbh than you are missing something.

To be this close to the Naga Sadhus is my cosmic destiny , God gave me access , and added a texture too my own spirituality that values respects all diverse faith at that moment behind the camera I was not a Muslim but a Naga Sadhu personified .

My Naga Guru from Juna Akhada was the kotwal, the Naga Police and so I stayed behind him , but honestly I think I wiill be more comfortable at the Nasik Kumbh as it is closer home and in my own st…

Hunger ..

Since late afternoon I have been trying to process the color image of this copy  at Aviary and it just would not work, as I type with one finger  of a permanently damaged hand Aviary has been a boon , it makes me work on my archives and  I poeticize the new image that comes through.. I add text or new evolved thought as I hardly shoot pictures unless I am shooting a festival..

Ever since I began using the Motorola G I use my mobilephone for my street photography, or for recording some nostalgic moment.

I pimp my Flickrblogs as you are aware on Twitter Tumblr and Google+ I am not on Facebook has now become dangerously killer site for the rabid who post hurtful images to attack communities ethnicity and in the end in more cases than one it is the general public that suffers  when the rightwingers hit back with a vengeance.

And Modi  Sarkar should do something about this and give priority to getting rid of father and son ruling Uttar Pradesh.

In Maharashtra sadly changing , replaci…