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Mee Dabbawala Bolto

I have been shooting Dabbawalas it is my poetic pursuit , if I see them on the streets I request them to stop I humbly shoot a few frames of my best soul satisfying street  photography subject,

Most of the Dabbawalas in Bandra know as I wont hesitate stalking them at the station ,..or on their cycles heading to work..

Most of the Dabbawalas also know me as I shot them on the only day they bunked work.. 5000 of them protesting at Azad Maidan supporting Anna Hazares India Against Corruption.

My Dabbawala pictures grace the portals of a premium Business Management Academy in America highlighting their contribution to Indian society in Mumbai and their punctuality precision in delivering tiffins from homes to the officegoers ,,,

Sadly the Government Of Maharashtra has done nothing for this erstwhile Maharashtrian community neither in terms of lifestyle or cheap housing for them or better education for the children sadly the same situation with the Police personnel ,,, both suffer from th…

The Tenniswalas Of Coach Surendra Pawar Bandra 2


Ujjain Kumbh Through The Eyes of a Sufi Malang Firoze Shakir


The poor lady comes to search for food at the Bandra Bazar Garbage Dump . So much for two years of progress and development


The Ear Cleaners Of Bandra Talao

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Raju the Ear Cleaner 

I have known Raju since many years he used to clean ears near my old workspace at Abbas Compound 29 Road and today he wonders why I don't wear the crazy dresses I wore those days one white shoe one black shoe turban rings and silver sticks . Raju came to Mumbai from Gulbarga Karnataka when he was 19 year old he worked as a helper in the construction field ..but he was not happy so he picked up the ear cleaning trade and he is a Hindu who is a follower of Haji Malang Baba . He works at the Bandra Talao with two Muslim colleague s from his native town Nabi and Qasim who are now in their village for Qasims daughters marriage . Raju stays on rent with his family at Mahim I come and sit with him listen to his stories of the Bandra Talao which in the old days was patronized by masseurs and a homosexual pick up joint ..there were a few prostitutes who did business in the nights . Some thieves operated here as masseurs and would rip rich drunk …