Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Earclaners of Bandra Talao

Welcome To Bandra Bazar..

Coach Surendra Pawar .. and the Tenniswallas of Bandra

A Day In The Life Of The Madman Of Charminar

before he flipped his screws
he was normal sane wanted
to be a glamorous filmstar
like chiranjeevi mohanbabu
have his own mansion at jubilee
hills his own chauffeur driven car
he had a million dreams stretched
out by and far but his dreams went
bust he was hit by a speeding car
by the time he was taken to the
hospital he had bypassed the golden
hour ,, he survived but his mind was
badly scarred ,,now he sits digging his
nose outside the charminar ,,on a piece
of paper he notes the number plates
of all the hyderabadi cars ,,his vacuous
mind with his senses at war ,,off his
consciousness s radar ..children stone
him tease him.. find him bizarre,,,
broken strings lost notes of a guitar