Thursday, July 9, 2015

Allah Huma Lan Qatalatal Ameerul Momineen

Our Blood Is a 1400 Year Old Protest
Against The Killers of Imam Ali Imam Hussain
Oppressors whom we curse and detest
We cut our heads our backs our chest
Till the day we die this will continue
a pledge with our blood we attest
our children our children s children
till the generation kill us you
persecute us bomb us but you cant
erase the name of Hussain within our
breast ..Azadari the soul of Shiasm
when he along with with his family
enters our humble homes as our guests

From Her Mothers Womb The Girl Child Enter A Prison Cell

Her life on earth
will be made into
a living hell as
she grows older
her pain her agony
she wont tell
women in india
her fate she cant
foretell ...sometimes
treated as a commodity
they buy and sell
politicians who talk
about saving the
girl child can hardly
do anything we
know it all too well
bound to a system
she can hardly rebel

killed much before
she is born a single
stroke she is felled