Monday, July 23, 2007

Shia Right Back

Shia Right Back
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the shia back cries cuts that seem like tiny eyes
a picture crop resize
the shia back save to web 300 dpi
so you see what beneath a shia's blood lies
a metaphor of hussainiyat
karbala ashura.. uncloaked
a red bleeding humanity
that the puritans tthe radicals despise
imam hussain who saved Islam
in the nick of time took them by surprise
a band of 72 did rise..
decimated crushed by yazidi forces might
hussain lives iin our hearts
karbala never dies
shia right back
plays spiritual football
no self goals shot that
gets him an applause
from his ancestors
in the skies ...
our blood sweat and tears
gets on their goat
our asymmetrical attack of a device
call us heretics we are the lovers
of Ahle Bait
oos fuck Taqqaiya we
dont need to surmise
muslims killing muslims
sunni shias
like in the mad comics
black spy v/s white spy
sparring each other
in disguise
in the bargain
it is our collective community
that gets the back eye

The Mother of Hussain

photo courtesy

Some poems are like drops of tears of a pain
what more can I tell you of the mother of hussain
the Holy Prophets daughter ..a heart bleeding
but she never complained ..
one son poisoned the other on the sands of Karbala slain
her children her grandchildren…a legacy robbed
in a yazidi reign
the holy prophets inheritance the robbed chaddars,
the cries of ali asghar the cries of sakina
every particle of a sand did contain …
on human consciousness irremovable bloodstain
cutting of the water supply of a child’s jugular vein
yes our tears our blood our sweat at her feet will remain
call us heretics but human we remain
Arabic barbarism could it ever be humane
Today Radicalism, Puritanism..
Muslims killing Muslims
So called followers of misguided terrorism
With their actions explain
The rest of the Islamic world Silence maintain

Shia Left Back

Shia Left Back
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
razor sharp blades
after whack
blood freely flows
from a shia back
crack after crack
of butcher sharp blades
faith flows freely
from the shia left back
a head cut but did not bow
nor changed track
facing the fury
of a dishonourable attack
reads like a poem
this shia hard back
this shia bare back
yazid the house of hussain
did try to ransack
but the indomitable
strength of Zainab
with her kutbas
did talk back
ya hussain
ya hussain
some sound track
karbala ashura
the right flash back

At the Feet of Fatima

bravery holding hard to faith
is inherited in a shia mothers womb
lion cubs of sher e ali in full bloom
hussainiyat soul enrichening perfume
stains of flowing blood on their black costume
its moharam ashura you dont need to assume
ya hussain a chant of our freedom from yazidiyat
from the cradle to the tomb..
after our deaths this chant
our children will resume

the shia dude
his attitude
his zenitude
tears blood and sweat
at the feet of fatima
as gratitude
with tabarrah we conclude
lanat on the killers of hussain
a death wish as a necessitude

Two Picture Story

Two Picture Story
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Unknown to hs mind that I am watching him,he is checking the coin, another modus operandi with fleet finger crooks is that they pretend to put coins in a blind beggars bowl but actually remove the larger ones..if the blind beggar is a bigger crook pretending to be blind the two picture story ends up hillarious and fisticuffs..the crowd joins in beats both of them, in the meantime another crook moves in fast and moves away with the beggar bowl...yeh he Mumbai meri jaan..

Two Picture Story

Two Picture Story
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
He was standing outside a restaurant begging for alms, a man very deceptive, crooked came and gave him a coin, which I observing all this from far thought it was a fake ..see the reaction of the blind beggar in th next picture..
For me just clicking pictures on the street is not street photography.Street photography should convey, tell a story or heal the human soul..luckily you guys dont have Indian streets.. here there is a picture happening every step of your camera frame.

Sameers Head a day afer Chehlum

This is Sameer of Piru lane , he cut himself up badly during Chehlum 2006 , I met him the next day or maybe the dayafter , took this shot never posted it, as it really turned me off pictorially.
But it shows an aspect you will never see, know one gets opportunities to shoot heads as an after thought.
I am going through my older lot of pictures ..I found this one.
I have decided my older poems too I will post directly to Poemhunter instead of copying them here from my homesite...

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The Old Milk Maid of Kamatipura

She is my photo subject, I shoot her when I pass her by.. she is over 90 years old..she should be resting at home, or an old age home..
But fuck she is an Indian woman fighting the streets from the day she was born..
I need to shoot pictures like this to remind me that they also live who never die..
She is strength ..of a caved in Womanhood..
I came to Flickrs ro rediscover myself as a photographer stop writing ..I have written far too much in 24 months of photo blogging..
Now I let my pictures do the talking for me..
The Shia pictures is more than meets the eye its the history of my race..
I translate Pain through my pictures..I dont need to evangelize or sermonise..
Shooting Pain is my favorite topic..I have enough pictures to last me more than a life time...but I dont have a scanner, the best of me is locked up in negatives and color slides..
A reminder of the frailty of pictorial shelf life..
I dont sell pictures..
I share what you may not be allowed to shoot....of my religion.
To think of it I was thrown out of theBandra Shia Khoja Mosque as they thought I was a Hindu.. which I certainly am thanks to my cultural Inheritanceof being born in India and not in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.
I am called a Shia Pandit , but it hurts me not..being the kind of Muslim that exists today in the body of the soul of a Jehadi would be a greater insult..
At Flickrs I have deleted anti -Shia comments I am not here to Prove a point, I too have paid US $47 ..
I shoot pictures as I saw them I dont need to manipulate Truth ..
Some of the comments on my pictures were of sheer Hate but what hurts , you santimonious silly souls who consider yourself to be better Muslim than me , you get offended with my blood letting pictures, my poor Muslim women pictures, but fuck you keep your lips sealed when one Muslim witth Allah Ho Akabar on his lips kills another Muslim, or when doctors become Killers..where love for religion is greater than one ones own country..
I distance myself from such an Islam run as a factory of Hate.. to kill Man and Mankind...
Yes I am a Muslim.. and a far better one too than those who defecate their shit on my Shia posts..dick heads like Fahad 2007 from Glasgow to name one...
I dont need to block ...they already are suffering from mind blocks..
Accessory to murder , kidnapping, suicide bombing by their ancestral abettment to crimes by their Silence..

That is why I thought I will only post pictures and not Flickrs..
I want to switch off comments.. but that would make like the rest of those who hate ....

Haqqe Bina La He Laha Ast Hussain

a little Shia girl
bibi sakina by her side
she is the future of our
communitys pride
tomorrow she will walk tall
be someones bride
oops no taqqaiya
no more
our faith
do we need to hide
yes hazrat abbas alamdar
on our side as our guide
the shadow of imam hussain
holding the reins of our time and tide
our soul from our flesh
you cant divide
you get very upset
we cut ourselves alright
its because of this attitude
our determination our conviction
ashura and karbala
that make us shiite
we dont need your
instant jehadi
to spite
killing innocent people
as koranic verses you recite
you did the same at karbala
your way of being polite
shame ghariba what a night
allah ho akbar
your sectarian hate promoting
web site to incite
muslims love killing muslims
i dont know how many times
i will have to write
but with pictures and poems
my love for my imam
i reignite
haqqe bina lahe laha
ast hussain
more than a religious rite
wiladat e hazrat abbas
we celebrate tonight
as shias
from different countries
differenet cultures ..
just a single name
hussain enough
to reunite ..
hussain is humanity
not anyones exclusive right
truth that is a guiding light