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Street Walk 4A Nerjis Meets My Muse ,,

Street Walk Wall 3,,, Painted Walls

Painted Walls ,,

I have a great fascination for shooting wall art of graffiti ..
So one day a few years back I walked from Dadar Station shooting the murals ..and shot almost all the art painted by students ,,I shot till Mahim.
However all these images a lengthy series is on DVDs that I am now converting as slideshows but in BW and posting it as videos at my You Tube Channel.
I have over 1500 DVDs all my back up,,,since 2007 ,,
Though I have them all at my Flickr timeline I want to showcase my street photography ,,This series is known as Walls .
Incidentally being an incorrigible dumbfucked romantic I had fallen in love with a veiled woman on the wall . and each time I passed her I thought she too was crazy about me ,I poeticized her I even took my granddaughters to meet her and both Marziya and Nerjis shot me posing with her ..
This was one crazy love and it came to an end tragically when her face was defaced by a horrid wall ad and my love story went down the fucking drain.
But I have not given up …