Wednesday, April 23, 2014

सियासत मुफलिसोँ पर ये एहसान करती है.. आँखे छीनती है और चश्मे दान करती है |

the system is so corrupt
after rendering the soul
of humanity blind it
offers glasses a thought
erupts ..democracy makes
the politicians rich the poor
bankrupt ..once he has
given his precious vote
for 5 long years he is
walloped ..useless hollow
talk under the cover of
misplaced religiosity
besides sectarian hate
sending Muslims to Pakistan
honestly what can they develop
hyperbolic statements in an
empty envelop..

Tears on the Soul of Innocent Varnasi
every politician crook smuggler wants
to make his mark...a city where gods
are revered worshiped..motor mouths
in the name of sanity shooting from the lips

dedicated to mr arvind kejiwal ji

Anand Mara Nahi, Anand Marte Nahi

Dad Once I Grow Big You Will Never Have To Beg

i shall become your eyes proudly he said
holding in his tiny hands his blind dads
stick white and red ..but than what can
one do who gives a blind man jobs
so they begged to earn their daily
bread..all around hollow election promises
yeh sarkar woh sarkar ..the fear the dread
no one touches the heart of humanity
once they won the elections they all fled
looting raping the soul of mother india
we the people watching silently held
captives in chains as the poison spread

Two Friends ...An American And An Indian

“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
― Albert Camus

we met via the internet
from ipernity to flickr to
buzznet was my moharam
pictures blood tears sweat
he wanted to shoot it too
like me he hated sunsets
he came to mumbai ..
he shot haji malang
the pain of the shias
their silhouette ..
with the beggars
he had a cosmic connect
his pictures poems
without text.. feelings
without pretext
the jama masjid of
delhi beneath the minaret
he left behind memories
he wont ever forget
a photographer
photo adventurer
seeking an outlet

in love with india
he has not got
over it as yet

dr glenn losack
the beggar poet
all set ....