Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Message From Barrister Mohamed Ali (Esq)

Needed Relative of Engr C.M Hussain.
Barrister Mohamed Ali.
Principal Partner Mohamed Ali Legal Counsellors
Your mail; mohameddali@rediffmail.com
Phone Number 00447574409156

Dearest Hussain,

I have a message for you concerning my deceased client Engr.C.M Hussain, who bears the same name

(Hussain) as you, hence you have same last name i dont care if related to this by blood, nationality

or family, therefore I ask that you consider the factors in my email and keep it strictly

confidential. However, if you are unable to meet my demand, kindly discard of it. This is regards a

deposit of US$15.5million he left behind here in African Development Bank (Banque Togolaise de

Développement) Lome Togo before his untimely death you have being pre-appoved for this release because

of the last name,Contact me with your full names, private email, country of residence and direct

telephone number. For further conclusion of this project and communication, contact me only if

interested on my private email mohameddali@rediffmail.com email me today to my private email if you

need any clarification. I await your urgent response only to my private email today.

send an email to this address for urgent response.


May his fragile soul rest in perfect peace,Amen!

Best wishes,

Barrister Mohamed Ali (Esq)
Lome Togo.
mohameddddalii@libero.it mohameddddalii@libero.it

Thank You Respected
Rev Barrister M Ali
your request I shall
adhere to the spirit
of the letter honorably
will also pay the
necessary fee registration
or stamp duty ...become
your partner agreeably
May the fragile soul
of late Engr C.M Hussain
rest in perfect peace eternally..
his inheritance will be ours
amicably ,,,US$15.5million
an amount princely ,,,my
share I will give to the poor
of my country ,, that have
been looted by our political
classes surreptitiously ,,
rendered homeless used
as a vote bank incredulously
this money will bring hope
in their lives finally ,, my
best regards to you and
your family...

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