Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Most Famous Child Beggar Of Ajmer

a pair
of stubs
for legs
one hand
half a
in the air
life has
has been
very unfair
sitting on
his handcart
of dreams
he dares
his mother
over him
with care
or other
rogue beggars
will steal his
alms . adds
to their despair
he needs no
once a year
you will find
him here
the most famous
spiritual fair
pilgrims come
from everywhere
for a breath of
fresh air ..
khwajah garib
nawaz the
greatest saint
of india ,, his
home our home
holy ajmer

Oh God Forgive Me For My Sins

the diminutive
human doll
cursed with
aging skin
looked up
at the heavens
raised her chin
bedridden forever
dying from within
she pleaded to her
maker of her
spiritual discipline
in his paradise
of painless moments
of everlasting happiness
if he would let her in
than she closed her
eyes for second
cosmically her soul
on the axis of her
imagination whirred
began to spin .
her cosmic fate of
a born loser she knew
could never win..

Born to Beg

god merciful
gave him a
face a body
but twisted
the monument
of his humanity
supported on
two crooked pegs

Two Beggars on the Crossroads of Life

ten for you and ten for him
we two beggars .. blessed him
for his kindness his generosity
charitable sensitivity ,, we found
in him ,.. in the currents of a
cosmic river we all swim,,
connecting finally with the
creator of this universe
the ultimate Him...
a world of sorrow remorse
overflowing at the brim

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