Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Agar Hussain Na Mile To Zindagi Kis Kam Ki

Hussain is Humanity For All...Big and Small..It is Not Grandeur But Humility That Makes you Tall

8 Moharam Kaisar Bagh Mumbai 2011

As my foreigner friends had prior commitments I shot this event all by myself..the eve of the Martyrdom of Hazrat Abbas valiant standard bearer of the Imams army and his devoted brother.

I do not have time as I had when I was my own man, now I am working so I am uploading 8 Moharam today.

I shot 9 moharam last night along with Kim And Viola from Denmark and Glenn from New York..we began shooting 9 moharam at Byculla station on the back road hosted by Jalal Mamu, .Glenn left later but Kim and Viola shot the Savoy event at Honda Circle ..

They have never seen anything like this they told me , they were tired when the procession reached Mogul Masjid and took my leave I shot Fotawat and Amin Imbada and finally at 12 am the mind blowing hardcore zanjir kama and sword matam at Kaisar Bagh...

Today is Ashura I shall go with them again to Amin Immbada and the long procession at 4 pm from JJ till Rehmatabad Shia cemetery for ShameE Gariba and more intense scourgings head cutting sword matam within the cemetery..

The wound on my elbow by a flying zanjir blade has healed , it was a cut on the bone..

Two Street Photographers of Bandra Mumbai