Friday, September 2, 2016

Dargah of Waris Ali Shah Dewa Sharif 3

Dargah of Waris Ali Shah 2 Dewa Sharif

Ya Waris Pak.. Dargah of Waris Ali Shah Dewa Sharif 1

Zinda Shah Madar Final Episode 6 Makanpur

To Those Who Want To Add Me On Facebook

To those of you good people sending me Friend request Humble Apologies I am not adding anymore friends ,,thank you ..
God Bless You All Forgive Me
This is a public post to acknowledge all the requests I have deleted
But you can add me on Twitter or follow me on You Tube ..Thanks


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Om Mani Padme Hoon

Waiting for good days to
Come soon though I
Eagerly waited all monsoon 
But hope was hidden in a
Cocoon desires my dreams
On the dark side of the Crescent
Moon ...I once again ask the Mother
Goddess for a boon ..will she call me
Back to Khamakhya again in June
Or will I still be making castles on
Sand dunes the vagaries of my
Contorted fate I am immune ..
A lyrical silence out of tune ..

Hazrat Abbas Dargah Lucknow ,, Shooting Vintage Lucknow