Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Besides Twitter the largest number of Venomous Trolls Shia Sufi Hindu hating trolls racists bigots are on You Tube .

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They maybe hardcore Wahabbi Salafi or any other radical Muslim segment and they hate everyone who does not follow their ideology these serpents of radical thought ..they are perhaps paid by their handlers to attack people like me who respect all religiosity faith spirituality .

And all their comments I have reported as cyber bullying harassment and blocked them too as my comment box here is moderated  their comments wont ever see the light of day .. most of these trolls dont even have a video to their credit but You Tube needs them as they are the faceless subscribers .

I respect subscribers but if you are from the gang of trolls you are not my target audience ..

You cannot choke my voice but I have choked yours ,,,forever .

RIP You Tube Trolls Haters .

The Wanderer..

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Life is nothing
But inevitable
Moments of
On the periphery
Of Blur..
We are million
Light years
From What
We were
Walking Talking
Emoting soon
Time will come
To be conveniently

Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust

Death will
Our Thirst

A bubble burst

The last cosmic ride
A corpse in a hearse

In the eyes of the beholder I am a Hindu too

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the hiding place of most of the bigots racists on the Internet after Twitter ..

my cultural inheritance
on the soul of my poetry
grew ..my religion is my
personal fiefdom from
your congregational
collusion's i withdrew
but hey i am what i am
i d be fu**d crazy to
be like you ,, no my
feet wont fit into your
 fu**d shoes ..

how i pray
why i pray
i dont need
your excuse
i am a malang
on the loose ,
held to eternity
by a noose
lost illusions
lost memories
no more drugs
'no more  booze
no more substance
abuse ..innocent
not guilty yet accused

With my late Naga Sadhu Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj he died last November
he was a teacher Islamic scholar and very close to Sufi monks his favorite Dargah was Haji Malang ,..thanks to him I shot the Nasik Kumbh 2003  Mahakumbh Allahabad 2013  Nasik Kumbj 2015 and Ujjain Kumbh 2016.

He was a tantric too..we got along very well beyond our caste color or creed he dressed me up as a Sadhu to make sure I got the best images of the Kumbh without any problem...

Om Namo Narayan..

Photography is nothing but an art of telling stories

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The day you go in raptures having shot a picture and reduced it to a photograph or snapshot ,,, you lost it and this art of photo shooting is further denigrated at camera clubs ,,

For me and thanks to the doyens who took me under their care and though they were great masters of photography ,, they let me interpret photography the way I wanted I first thought of photography akin to poetry I humbly wrote picture poetry I still cant write a poem without a picture .

Blogging made me shoot drivel and drivel was what I call my enchantment as a blogger .

Luckily the blogger within me died a stroke ..OD

As a reborn photographer I became a story teller I need words as the people who see my images are not part of my culture or my surroundings .

I shot for myself but I shot to woo the intenet I shot for Flickr Twitter 4 frames and finally FB though I am uncomfortable uploading pictures here but I can write summarize poeticize that I am unable to do at Flickr or Twitter ,.. I have a grave on the Internet too it is Blogspot ,,, RIP

I sometimes share my stuff there .. sometimes .

Ok now back to my hair raising story ..I am mad about street barbers having documented their art finger skill for many years ..I shoot religious tonsure Akika Mundan..all relaed to shaving the scalp.

Here at Makanpur the mothers bring their child get him her shaved and a few strands of hair are placed at the foot of the Tomb as appreciation for the Saints blessings the birth of a normal child maybe birth of a boy ,, lots of reasons .

I wont go into it even adults shave their head having found the right mate got a good job...so I shot these barbers on the banks of the Ganges I shot them at the various Kumbhs I shot them on my street Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation they became the protagonist of my barber storyboard .

The largest number of barbers on a single day countless bald heads I shoot at Banganga Pitru Paksha Mumbai.

I shot my granddaughters akika mundan.

I just love street barbers and mind you this is not an obsession or a fetish it is storytelling ...

I first used to shoot stills but now it is more videos it gives a dimension and continuity to my barber stories .

13 .5 million views because ordinary people see my videos I gave the people I shoot on the streets an International platform my You Tube channel I would not upload my videos on Facebook sheer waste and worst on Twitter live .

So go out take a camera stop shooting fucked pictures shoot some mind blowing stories fuck stay a million light years from Camera Clubs they will never let you become a storyteller stories dont hang on camera salon walls only pictures that all look the same from one camera club brochure to another ,,

Break rules become a better photographer ..
Fuck the old pompous one foot in the grave Renaissance clones .zombies ..

These are my personal views as a product of a camera club...I gave it up before it could give up on me .

Even God Cant Save You From Venomous You Tube Trolls Racist Bigots

Documenting The Madarriya Silsila ,, Oldest Sufi Order of Zinda Shah Madar

posted at You Tube ..where I get abusive comments for documenting Sufism .

I love photography its not my source of income ,,I am a fashion stylist for Bollywood but my passion is documenting different religions faiths living harmoniously in India .

I am a Shia Muslim I shot Moharam Ashura Chehlum in metro cities of India.

The first Sufi order I shot at Mumbai Chandshah Wali rafaees who come each year at Mahim Dhuni during the Urus of Makhdhoom Shah Baba and later Urus of Fakhruddin Shaha Baba Mahim .. I shot this motley group for over 20 years .

I visited Ajmer first time in my life in 2005 I shot the Chishtiya Silsila thanks to Peersab Fakhru Miya Hujra no 6 .

It was this time that I met the Malangs at Sola Khamba Ajmer and I was fascinated with their simplicity humility and hospitality ..the lived austere lives and both Syed Masoom Ali Baba Asqan Madari and Syed Rafiq Baba Masoomi recieved me kindly at their Asthana at Char Yar masjid Ajmer .

I became a malang in 2011 as a photographer I wanted to document them from within..and these were followers of Ali like me I was given the Khilafatnama in 2017 by Syed Masoom Ali Baba at Makanpur ,

According to Syed Masoom Ali baba over 400 foreigners became his murids and some drank the pyala and I refused to take credit as I simply documented them but did not proselytize or promote their order .

I have showcased the malangs for over 13 years and I walked from Delhi to Ajmer last year 550 km in 13 days a ritual known as Chadiyan,.. this year I am stuck with a film assignment so could not make it .

I document all faith but I follow my inner instincts I follow truth liberty justice and hope harmony prevails in our country ..I only shoot India India people India culture ..entwined in myriad branches .

I dont know why people have to abuse me threaten me troll me on this platform.. I am not a radical Muslim I am not a fundamentalist those who try to teach me true Islam should first go and teach those across the borders who kill Shias Hindus minorities ,,, instead of harassing and targeting me .

I mean how can you live with so much hate if what I follow is heresy according to you fine but my heresy has made me human and a Hussaini ..

So chill take a pill..

For those who want my cell number email I am a private person I am not into socializing at all.
I am on Facebook ..I dont add friends I delete all requests .
I am on Twitter Flickr and You Tube ,,,
I am a hardcore peaceloving Mumbaikar .

I am not a Sufi Bawa but I dress up like a monk that is my sartorial identity ...
most of my Gurus friends wellwishers are Hindus and I believe in mutual co existence ,,

You should not judge me by what I shoot I dont shoot porn I dont shoot videos to hurt people's sense or sensibility .

There are more fake guides, teachers in the world than stars. The real guide is the one who makes you see your inner beauty, not the one who wants to be admired and followed.
Shams Tabrizi —